Deep Rock Galactic Wiki

The Hacking Device is a handheld cracking tool developed in order for Dwarves to hack rival technology. It can be pulled out and used when next to a rival bot that is disabled/can be hacked.


Upon killing a Patrol Bot, there is a chance that it will become disabled instead of rolling and blowing up. If it does it will fall onto the ground and become immobile. A player may approach and hold the E key to bring out their hacking device and attempt to rewire it. Hacking is not automatic; it requires the player to left click in a series of puzzles on the device's screen. There are 4 stages, each involving the player needing to click when a moving shape intersects a static yellow square:

1. A yellow ring will have a yellow square quickly orbiting around it, with the static square located somewhere along the ring.
2. A yellow line will come in horizontally on the screen and move side to side.
3. A yellow line will come in vertically on the screen and move bottom to top.
4. A large yellow square will close in on the static square.

Misclicking will simply cause the current puzzle stage to repeat itself until the player completes it. If the Patrol Bot has been successfully hacked it will become an ally.