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Hacking has commenced! Protect the Hacking Drone!
Mission Control

The Hack-C Bot Unit (referred to as "Hacksy" by the dwarves) is a specialized robot that only appears during Industrial Sabotage missions or Prospector Data Deposit events.


The Hack-C Bot Unit, unlike the majority of the robots in Deep Rock Galactic, is permanently fused to its Hacking Pod. It is a long, snake-like, white and silver droid with a face akin to that of Bosco. The back of the robot reveals two internal fans that glow in various colors. It possesses two extremely long arms and fingers with very flexible articulations and has a yellow hazard light on top of its head. It wears a white hard hat with the letters "DRG" labelled on it atop said hazard light.

Once called down, the Bot will remain hidden and inactive within the Hacking Pod until all Transmitter Nodes have been assembled to connect the Pod to a Rival Power Station or Data Deposit, after which a button will appear on the back of the Pod. Once the button has been pressed, the Bot will reveal itself and proceed to noisily hack the rival station via a complex computer screen attached to the Pod. Players are to protect the Bot from incoming creatures while it hacks. Failure to do so will result in Hack-C retreating back into the Pod to hide, thus deactivating and halting the hacking process. The players must press the button again in order to reboot the system.

Once its job is completed, the Hack-C Bot Unit will fold back inside its Pod and take off back into orbit.


  • The Hack-C Drone, like the Drilldozer's head, is heavily based on Bosco's design. Additionally, the Hack-C Drone shares the same nicknaming gimmick as BET-C, with the "C" turning into a "-sy" at the end (BET-C = Betsy, Hack-C = Hacksy).
  • Rather amusingly, the Hack-C Drone has RGB lights on its back like certain computer models. It also drops soda cans and fast food take out while hacking. This is an in-joke reference to the "unhygienic" lifestyle of the gamer stereotype.
  • Like the Drilldozer, you can pet Hack-C by pressing USE. Instead of a "thank you" motion, Hack-C shoves the player and shows an image on the monitor, signaling the player to stop.


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