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Gunner portrait.png Just show me where to shoot!
~ The Gunner
Class Details
Icon Gunner
Voice Pitch 90%

The Gunner is one of the four Dwarves in the game. He is also the Dwarf you begin with in the Tutorial.
He is equipped with the "Lead Storm" Powered Minigun and the "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon as his primaries, and the "Bulldog" Heavy Revolver and the BRT7 Burst Fire Gun as his secondaries. He has the Zipline Launcher, the Shield Generator, and the "Barracuda" Armor Rig as his equipment, and Sticky Grenade, the Incendiary Grenade, and the Cluster Grenade as his throwables.

About[edit | edit source]

As the Gunner, your position is at the forefront of any battle, cutting down aliens using your high-caliber Minigun and Heavy-Duty Revolver. You are also equipped with an extremely handy Zipline Launcher, allowing the entire team to easily get across almost any chasm or obstacle.
~ Class Description

As the Gunner, you are the firepower of the team. You are equipped with a heavy Powered Minigun, packing high amounts of damage through its constant spray of bullets, while your secondary "Bulldog" Heavy Revolver allows for high damage shots with decent accuracy at any range. To navigate the depths, you are equipped with a Zipline Gun, launching a steel-reinforced cable across any pit or chasm. Finally, you are equipped with a Shield Generator, which allows the gunner to protect himself and others while laying down his devastating line of fire.

The Gunner can choose from three different kinds of grenade: the Sticky Grenade which is able to stick to surfaces for improved accuracy, the Incendiary Grenade which creates a fiery explosion and the Cluster Grenade which upon explosion launches several mini-grenades which instantly explode on contact.

Out of the four classes, the Gunner has the biggest guns. His "Lead Storm" Powered Minigun spits bullets at an astonishing thirty-five hundred rounds per minute, more than capable of shredding any poor Glyphid within range. His sidearm, the "Bulldog" Heavy Revolver, demands high accuracy but rewards with punishing damage when hitting enemy weak points. His unlockable weapons are equally effective; the "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon is slow but fires explosive rounds with massive AoE and is not susceptible to overheating, making it a much better option against swarms. The BRT7 Burst Fire Gun fires rapid bursts which are accurate at a shorter range and can quickly deal damage with burst shots to weakpoints.

The Gunner has potent support options too. His Zipline Launcher allows teammates to cross large gaps and carry heavy objects without loss of mobility (especially handy on Point Extraction missions) and his Shield Generator provides a powerful shield to all Dwarves stood inside, except on Shield Disruption missions, providing cover from enemies and boosting the regeneration rate of personal Shields. He is very helpful in Elimination missions, where his immense damage potential is invaluable against a Dreadnought's high health.

The Gunner is not without flaws, however. His Powered Minigun is vulnerable to overheating if fired for extended periods, eventually jamming if temperatures exceed safe levels. This forces the Gunner to use his secondary firearm or his Pickaxe for combat, significantly reducing his damage output. His support tools are limited by low ammo for the Zipline Gun and long recharge periods for the Shield Generator, meaning he has to carefully pick and choose when to use these items.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

All classes have eight pieces of gear, each of which can be individually upgraded using Credit.png Credits and crafting resources. There are currently two unlockable weapons per class. Each weapon has their own assignment. Once an assignment for a weapon has been completed it then can be purchased within the upgrade terminal.

"Lead Storm" Powered Minigun
Heavy Weapon
"Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon
Heavy Weapon
"Bulldog" Heavy Revolver
Burst pistol.png
BRT7 Burst Fire Gun
Zipline Launcher
Support Tool
Shield generator.png
Shield Generator
Support Tool
"Barracuda" Armor Rig
Armor Undersuit
Grenade sticky.png
Sticky Grenade
Grenade incendiary.png
Incendiary Grenade
Grenade cluster.png
Cluster Grenade

Basic Tips and Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • "Lead Storm" Powered Minigun
    • Has extremely high DPS (damage-per-second) output, more than capable of tearing through common and special enemies alike.
    • Needs to "rev-up" before it fires. Starts out inaccurate but gains a tighter spread through continuous fire.
    • Vulnerable to overheating - will jam if it reaches critical temperatures, rendering the gun completely unusable for a short time. You can tell if the minigun is close to overheating by listening to the rumbling sounds it makes at high heat, as well as a circular heat level seen on the barrel of the gun (it will pop out if the gun overheats).
    • Blowthrough Rounds make the gun excel at controlling swarms due to firing through multiple targets, while Staggering Rounds make the gun better at handling better enemies such as Glyphid Praetorians.
    • Tap-firing with the "Lead Storm" Powered Minigun fully revved up helps to conserve ammo while maintaining a high spin, but is not very heat efficient due to the meter rising slightly sharper on the initial click.
  • "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon
    • Has a slow fire rate, but uses high-damage explosive rounds with a very large AoE. It is excellent for dealing with huge crowds of enemies and doesn't deal any friendly fire damage.
    • Uses magazines with a lengthy reload, unlike the Minigun which feeds from a single reserve ammo pool. However, the Autocannon doesn't overheat.
    • The Autocannons wide cone of fire makes the gun ineffective at range, but up close it can spray a battlefield and damage many enemies at once.
  • "Bulldog" Heavy Revolver
    • Very powerful precision weapon capable of long-range, covering the Gunners lack of high damage ranged options.
    • Able to kill most common enemies with just one shot when aiming for their weak spots.
    • If you need Red Sugar for health but can't reach it, shooting it will cause chunks of it to fall from the primary vein, allowing you to collect it.
    • Equip the Deadeye mod for improved accuracy while attempting to flank.
  • BRT7 Burst Fire Gun (a.k.a. Burt)
    • Burst-fire pistol, fires three shots with one mouse click.
    • The Burst's spread recovers quickly, making it an effective long-ranged weapon when fired in a controlled manner.
      • Firing too quickly causes a sharp increase in recoil, which is exacerbated with mods like Longer Burst. Only spam fire at close to point-blank range.
    • Burst Stun effectively disables priority targets vulnerable to stun, such as Glyphid Menaces, winning time to finish them quickly without resistance.
    • Deals less damage than the Bulldog, but has much more ammo.
    • Like the Revolver, the Burst is best used when aiming for weak spots on a target. Upgrades such as Hollow Point Rounds increase this damage.
  • Zipline Gun
    • Creates a long-range cable which can slowly carry the Gunner and his teamates across long distances or over chasms
    • Very useful on Point Extraction missions, as Ziplines can be used to easily transport Aquarqs back to the Minehead.
    • Completely indestructible, but constrained by a very limited ammo supply
    • Slow speed makes riders vulnerable to projectile attacks, which after a certain amount of damage taken while riding the Zipline, will cause you to fall off.
    • Depending on the angle, if you're hit off of a Zipline you can grab back on by pressing and holding E the moment before you begin to fall.
    • Use Ziplines for long drops or unreachable caves.
    • Consider how much use you will get out of a Zipline before firing it as they cannot be recovered once deployed and the Gunner carries very few of them. Don't spend your Ziplines frivolously, such as for crossing short gaps or collecting resources; jobs like these are better suited for the Engineer's Platform Gun.
      • However, if you are playing Solo Mode and need to collect a hard-to-reach resource that Bosco cannot collect, and you have Ziplines to spare, you can shoot a Zipline near the resource. When you reach the opposite end, dig into the cave wall a bit to give yourself a place to stand when you disconnect. Then you'll be able to dig your way to the resource.
      • Rapidly pressing the mount/dismount button allows for you to grab resources directly near the zipline without falling. However this must be extremely rapidly, or else there is a risk you will fall from the line.
  • Shield Generator
    • Shield generators not only protect you from projectiles and prevent Glyphids from entering the space, but they also massively increase the regeneration of personal Shields.
    • Invaluable for quickly creating safe spaces, but is limited by low ammo supply and long recharge time.
    • Shield generators are an invaluable tool during Salvage Operations. Remember to use them if enemies are overwhelming the Uplink/Fuel Cell zones.
    • Be mindful of how you use Shield Generators. Not only is your supply limited but there is a cooldown between deploying them.

Voice Responses[edit | edit source]

Class Selected / Joining An Active Mission[edit | edit source]
  • "So what if I like really big guns?"
  • "Time to turn some aliens into thin green paste!"
  • "Just show me where to shoot."
  • "It ain't a gun if it don't weigh at least one hundred pounds!"
  • "Born to kill, baby!"
  • "Two thousand rounds of depleted uranium. Aw, yeah!"
  • "Pumped up and ready to kill!"
  • "Trigger finger is itchy again."
  • "I'll kill anything with more legs than two!"
  • "Lock and load!"