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The Glyphid Warden is a recent discovery, and is a regal and terrifying entry in the ever expanding catalogue of Glyphid subspecies. From what R&D has gathered, the Warden releases a steady mixture of performance-enhancing pheromones and telepathic conditioning to any Glyphid in range, tremendously upping their physical resistances. A terrifying prospect, really - given the rapid evolution of the Glyphid species, Management recommends killing every Warden we come across. Imagine if they ever evolved the capacity to influence other species in the same way.
— Miner's Manual Description

The Glyphid Warden is a hostile creature found on Hoxxes. It is a member of the Glyphid family, and can be found on every region of the planet. It is somewhat similar in appearance to the Glyphid Grunt Guard; it features heavy chitinous plating covering the majority of its body, mainly the abdomen and front legs, which can be broken via concentrated firepower. Its coloration is mainly white chitin and pink flesh. The mouth is slightly smaller compared to other Glyphid species of a similar size. Most notably of the creature, however, is its rather ornately designed abdomen. The armor plating spikes out in various directions, and at the top of the creature can be found a large pink orb known as a "spherical spore emitter organ".


The Warden itself does not engage in direct combat. It is completely incapable of attacking a dwarf on its own and will put up no resistance or self-defense when attacked.

The Warden instead serves as a support unit for the Glyphids. It will use its spore emitter to buff any Glyphids standing around it, giving them considerable damage resistance (as indicated by a blue shield icon next to the Glyphid's name, and a large pink spore trail connecting the Warden to the Glyphid). The Warden can only buff so many of its Glyphid allies within range, and it will only buff Glyphids - Macteras, Naedocytes and stationary threats such as Spitball Infectors will not be protected by a Warden.

A lone Warden can "summon" more Grunts to buff and assist it in a fight by emitting a particular screech. This will cause several Glyphid Grunts to burrow up from the terrain and form around the Warden in a defensive manner.

Wardens are mostly clad in heavy armor and can thus withstand considerable punishment. However, like most Glyphids, their face and mouth are highly vulnerable to damage. The spore emitter in particular takes 300% damage and does not break like similar weak spots.

Defense Enhance, the buff provided by the Warden, grants its allies restoration of 3.5 health every 1.5 seconds and x0.5 damage resistance, lasting 2 seconds. While this buff doesn’t affect the Warden itself, it can nonetheless affect the following creatures:

Enemies who are debuffed in any way such as being lit on fire, electrocuted or frozen will still be protected by a Glyphid Warden. The buff effect provided by a Warden will continue to persist for a few seconds after it dies.

Health and Armor[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 200 400 880 1040 1200 880 1240 1440 1360 1840
Dwarfcount2 616 1200 1520 1600 2560 1040 1560 1680 1760 2640
Dwarfcount3 616 1200 1520 1600 2560 1040 1560 1680 1760 2640
Dwarfcount4 1480 1600 1840 2080 2320 1840 2080 2240 2240 2880