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Charge cable plugged in! Prep the Fuel Cells for charge sequence!
— Mission Control


Fuel Cell Pod Active

Fuel Cell Drop Pod activated

Fuel Cells charging! Stay close to keep them operational. We are expecting an increase in hostiles!
— Mission Control

Fuel Cell Drop Pod or Refueling Pod are specialised drop pods that carry the fuel cells needed to power up a downed Drop Pod. Found only in Salvage Operation missions, the Fuel Cell Drop Pod is the last part needed to complete the mission.

This drop pod itself is an olive-green drop pod when inactive, with an open charge connection port to its side. Once the connection cable has been connected to the main Drop Pod, the Refueling Pod immediately activates; its top 'head' opening up to reveal its internal mechanisms whilst its central body extending to reveal a row of rotating green-luminescent fuel rods. This pod must be defended at all costs within a small green radius to stay active. Failing to do so will result in the pod to stop in its tracks. It takes roughly a few minutes for the Drop Pod to be fully charged.


  • The green fuel rods maybe Uranium, suggesting that the Drop Pod itself is nuclear-powered in nature.