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Bullets are so last year. Instead, why not incinerate your enemies from the inside out with a highly experimental anti-matter-powered gun firing supercharged plasma bolts? What's the worst that could happen? (If you find out, please report to R&D)


The Experimental Plasma Charger is an unlockable secondary weapon used by the Driller. This weapon can shoot regular plasma and charged up plasma which explodes on contact, the shot can be charged up by holding the fire button. Overuse of the weapon will result in a short overheat.

This item can only be unlocked through an assignment. After the corresponding assignment is completed this weapon can be purchased for Credit.png 8200 Credits, Enor pearl 110 Enor Pearl, Jadiz 70 Jadiz and Magnite 25 Magnite in the Equipment Terminal.

Initial Stats
Damage 20
Charged Damage 80
Charged Area Damage 80
Charged Damage Radius 3
Max Battery 100
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Cooling Rate
(per second)
Charged Shot Ammo Use 8
Charge Speed 0.8s
Heat when Charged 0.8


There's five tiers and each tier has two up to three upgrades, only one upgrade can be equipped per tier.

Driller Upgrades
Mod Description Effect Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Damage Normal Projectile
Increases damage caused by normal projectiles +6 Damage Credit.png 1000 Credits

Enor pearl 20 Enor Pearl

Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Larger Battery
You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased! +50 Battery Capacity Credit.png 1000 Credits

Bismor 20 Bismor

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Charged Damage
Increases damage caused by a charged shot direct impact +20 Charged Damage Credit.png 1000 Credits

Bismor 20 Bismor

Tier 2
Icon Upgrade Area.png
Charged Radius
Bigger area radius for the charged projectile explosion +1.5 Charged Damage Radius Credit.png 1800 Credits

Jadiz 12 Jadiz

Croppa 18 Croppa

Icon Upgrade SpeedUp.png
Charged Projectile Speed
Doubles the speed of the charged projectile +200% Projectile Velocity Credit.png 1800 Credits

Enor pearl 12 Enor Pearl

Bismor 18 Bismor

Icon Upgrade Explosive.png
Reactive Shockwave
More bang for the buck! Increases the damage done within the Area of Effect! +20 Charged Area Damage Credit.png 1800 Credits

Croppa 12 Croppa

Bismor 18 Bismor

Tier 3
Icon Upgrade Fuel.png
Charge Cost
A charged shot uses less energy -3 Charged Shot Ammo Use Credit.png 2200 Credits

Enor pearl 20 Enor Pearl

Magnite 30 Magnite

Icon Upgrade ChargeUp.png
Charge Speed
Prepare a charged shot in half the time +0.8 Charge Speed Credit.png 2200 Credits

Jadiz 20 Jadiz

Croppa 30 Croppa

Tier 4
Icon Upgrade TemperatureCoolDown.png
Cooling Rate
Cools down faster +0.25 Cooling Rate Credit.png 3800 Credits

Enor pearl 15 Enor Pearl

Croppa 25 Croppa

Umanite 36 Umanite

Icon Upgrade TemperatureCoolDown.png
Heat Buildup
Reduces how fast the weapon overheats when holding a charged shot -0.3 Heat when Charged Credit.png 3800 Credits

Umanite 15 Umanite

Jadiz 25 Jadiz

Enor pearl 36 Enor Pearl

Tier 5
Icon Upgrade Shot.png
Flying Nightmare
Charged Projectile deals damage to nearby enemies while it flies + Flying Nightmare Credit.png 4400 Credits

Croppa 40 Croppa

Magnite 60 Magnite

Jadiz 110 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade Shot.png
Charged Explode On Hit
Any projectile will blow up the Charged Projectile causing a bigger explosion dealing extra damage. + Charged Explode on hit Credit.png 4400 Credits

Bismor 40 Bismor

Croppa 60 Croppa

Magnite 110 Magnite

Icon Upgrade Ricoshet.png
Normal Shots Bounce
Normal shots bounce on walls + Projectile Bounces Credit.png 4400 Credits

Magnite 40 Magnite

Jadiz 60 Jadiz

Enor pearl 110 Enor Pearl