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Experience is an essential element of progression in Deep Rock Galactic. Level ups will unlock the ability to purchases Upgrades and Vanity items, allowing players to attempt greater challenges with new or improved abilities and equipment.

Obtaining Experience

Experience can be earned in each Mission through completion of objectives, mining of minerals, and killing hostile enemies. All Experience gained from a mission is increased by a factor based off the Hazard Bonus of the mission.

  • Primary & Secondary Objectives - Gives by far the most experience, with the secondary objective giving approximately half the primary objective experience
  • Mined Minerals - 1xp per mineral mined and deposited by team (Objective minerals continue to contribute beyond Mission amount)
  • Hostiles Killed - 1xp per enemy killed by team.

Player Rank

Player Badge.png

Your progress as a player is also tracked at the top right of the screen on the Player Badge, the blue gem which shows your name and player rank in title and number form, as well as your current credit balance. You rank up each time the blue gem fills all three of its sections up, and one section fills up each time you gain a rank with one of the four classes (making the maximum player rank 26.6).

The player rank titles are as follows:

  1. Greenbeard
  2. Rookie Miner
  3. Authorized Miner
  4. Senior Miner
  5. Professional Miner
  6. Professional Miner
  7. Veteran Miner
  8. Veteran Miner
  9. Expert Miner
  10. Expert Miner
  11. Elite Miner
  12. Elite Miner
  13. Supreme Miner
  14. Supreme Miner
  15. Master Miner
  16. Master Miner
  17. Ultimate Miner
  18. Ultimate Miner
  19. Ultimate Miner
  20. Legendary Miner
  21. Legendary Miner
  22. Legendary Miner
  23. Legendary Miner
  24. Legendary Miner
  25. Legendary Miner
  26. Legendary Miner

Required Experience Per Level

The required experience for each level is increased as player characters level up. The max level for characters is 20

Level Required Experience
1 Need #
2 Need #
3 Need #
4 Need #
5 Need #
6 Need #
7 Need #
8 10,000
9 Need #
10 Need #
11 Need #
12 Need #
13 Need #
14 Need #
15 Need #
16 Need #
17 Need #
18 Need #
19 Need #
20 20,000