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Unknown artifact icon
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Common (See spawning mechanics)
Value Credit 2500 per unit
Experience Points 4000-6000 per unit
Stoicmako employee of the month "secretly knows what the error cube is for
2 Error cubes

It is possible to obtain 2 or more error cubes in an unmodded mission, but it is extraordinarily rare.

The Error Cube, called ERR://23¤Y%/ in-game, is a mysterious resource, with various uses. It must be excavated from the depths of Hoxxes IV, and can be deposited into M.U.L.E. like all other resources. Once brought back to the Space Rig, it will appear in the player's stash of minerals, and can be used to craft unique cosmetics at the Crafting Terminal. It can also be used to perform various Easter eggs, such as solving the Error Cube Code or unlocking the secret Error Handler beer at the Abyss Bar (see below for details). Many rumors surround the Error Cube's origins. Some believe it to be a relic from an ancient alien civilization that once inhabited Hoxxes IV. Others speculate that it may hold the key to unlocking powerful new technologies or even interdimensional travel. However, despite extensive research by DRG's top scientists, no concrete answers have been found. Adding to the intrigue, some miners have reported strange phenomena occurring in the vicinity of Error Cubes. Eerie whispers, ghostly apparitions, and inexplicable equipment malfunctions have all been documented. Whether these are mere coincidences or signs of the artifact's true nature remains a topic of much debate.

It may seem that the Error Cube has a very low spawn rate, however one is guaranteed to generate within every single map with a spawn rate of 100%. Unlike every other resource in the game, the Error Cube is able to generate within any random unit of ground, at any depth and any location, and is not limited to generating on the surfaces of cavern walls upon map creation. They owe their apparent scarcity to this unique mechanic as they often spawn deep underground or close to the bedrock map borders, and only generate near open walls and floors in rare circumstances. Bringing a team of Drillers can be a good way to excavate deeply-generated Error Cubes, however finding them will still pose a challenge as your Terrain Scanner and Laser Pointer will provide no guidance to these elusive minerals. The extra time spent searching for these buried relics may not be worth the relative Experience bonus unless you are absolutely certain one is nearby.

If the host of the mission has the Crafting Terminal unlocked, the chance of an error cube generating near the surface will be greatly increased, and thus be easier to find.

Mineral Bar

A player's inventory, with 3 Error Cubes.

Secrets / Easter eggs[]

Aside from the special cosmetics that can be crafted using them, Perhaps the most infamous secret related to the Error cubes is the “Error Cube Code” (as it is commonly referred to by the community) which many players dismiss as a rumour, but is, in fact, true; Instead of simply depositing the cube, look at it (so the prompt to pick them up appears) and then press the following keys in order: H, Z, Y, L, V, V, Left Click, 4, Backspace, R, Tab, and then E. Upon picking up the Error Cube with the final “E” press, the Error Cube will start glowing bright purple, with an angelic choir sound effect. Depositing the Cube in this state will display the prompt “Secret door unlocked”. You will only get this prompt the first time you perform this action, because the door is unlocked already on subsequent attempts. This unlocks the door to the Space Rig Cantine, where Karl can be found and buff-giving foods can be ordered. Doing this will not affect you receiving the Error cube into your inventory afterwards, to spend on the special animated hair variants back at the Accessory Shop.

In addition to this, a special beer can be unlocked in the Abyss Bar by bringing an Error Cube on to the Space Rig. Instead of depositing the Error Cube into the M.U.L.E., it can be carried by hand into the Drop Pod during extraction. After bringing it aboard the Rig, it must be thrown through the Barrel Hoop - Lloyd will do a special dance and burst with confetti, pouring a round of Error Handler buff beers and unlocking it for future use. Drinking it will display the location of hidden Error Cubes on the Terrain Scanner during the next mission. This cannot be done alongside the aforementioned Error Cube Code Easter egg, as that requires depositing the Error Cube, so keep in mind you will need to find two separate cubes to unlock all (currently known) content related to them.


Glitch ore

As it appears in-game

Err23 markings

The gray spikes marking its location

The Error Cube is a black cube with rounded corners and edges. Each of its square faces are divided into nine smaller squares by deep grooves that expose a mesmerizing white, pulsating core. After performing the Error Cube Code Easter egg, the white core will instead turn purple, and glow brightly (similar to a Bittergem), and will play an angelic choir sound effect constantly until deposited. Some have described staring into this core as a hypnotic experience, with a few even claiming to have seen visions of distant worlds and cosmic horrors. The area that the cube is buried in is covered in large glowing gray spikes and a shimmering purple effect, adding to its otherworldly allure.


Error Cubes can be found in any Planetary Region and Mission Type, with a 100% chance of generation in any given mission. They spawn at any depth or distance, even far beyond the naturally generated open spaces of the caverns, and are only occasionally visible on walls and other surfaces. Error Cubes emit a low humming sound, similar to Jadiz and Bittergems, which may be used as guidance for locating deeply-buried Error Cubes.

Error Cubes can be rarely found inside Presents during the Yuletide/Christmas Seasonal Events.

Error Cubes can also be found in the center of the large, orange, spherical coral in Dense Biozone, though this is exceedingly rare. This cube is separate to the guaranteed error cube generated in the cave by default, so if an error cube is found in a coral, there is still another to be found.

Error Cube Dense Biozone

An Error Cube found inside a coral on Dense Biozone

Error Cubes are also accessible as a reward for completing Deeper Dives, with one being rewarded per stage past stage 4 completed. Unlike Error Cubes found during missions, these are accepted as legal tender in most real-world countries, though they do not count towards the "What Are These Things?" achievement.


Error Cubes may be crafted into unique hair colors in the Accessory Shop. Many of these have special, hue-shifting animations or particle effects not found in any other hair variants in the game.


Scout with the Chromatic Wave hair color equipped.


  • When marked with a laser pointer, the dwarves will make curious remarks such as: "I wonder if it's edible", "Strange thing", "What the heck is this", "What is this", and "This looks weird". Some miners have jokingly suggested that consuming an Error Cube might grant cosmic knowledge or superpowers, but DRG strongly advises against such experimentation.
  • There is a chance you can receive an Error Cube when destroying a gift during the Christmas Seasonal Event (same 3.84% for each box). This has led some to believe that the cubes may be gifts from an unknown entity or even a cosmic Santa Claus.
  • For much of the game's release, a purpose for the Error Cubes was a hotly-requested feature by the community as they had no use in any crafting recipes, or any purpose at all after the Error Cube Code was correctly inputted once. This was finally changed in Season 5 with the introduction of Error Cube cosmetics
  • The hair colors obtained via crafting Error Cubes are unique in the fact they are the only animated hair colors in the game.
  • The experience granted by the Error Cube is static and is not affected by the Hazard Bonus, perhaps hinting at its extradimensional origins.
  • In the game files, the Error Cube is referred to as a "Precursor Artifact", further fueling theories about its connection to an ancient alien race. Ghost Ship Games have hinted that the Error Cube may be connected to the lore of the game, sparking countless discussions and theories among the community.
  • Its appearance heavily resembles a Rubik's cube., referenced further by the fact the player can solve a “puzzle” on the Error Cube.
  • According to the description of the "What Are These Things?" achievement (obtained by collecting five Error Cubes), they are indeed alien artifacts, are hot to the touch, and possibly smell of tarmac. The implications of this description remain a mystery.
  • After drinking Smart Stout, there is a chance the dwarf will mention the Error Cubes and their purpose, before the effect wears off and they lose the thought. This has led to miners purposely overindulging in the hopes of a breakthrough, but so far, no useful information has been gleaned.
    • After a night spent downing copious amounts of Smart Stout, Mr. Elbertson from DRG's accounting section claimed to know "exactly what the fuck a cube is". Mr. Elbertson was later found dead in Miami.
  • Prior to Season 05: Drilling Deeper, Error Cubes spawned rarely with a 1 in 26 chance per mission. This was changed to a 100% spawn rate, but Error Cubes could now generate much, much further into the cave walls and floors. This is speculated to be a reflection of the Season's theme of "Drilling Deeper".
  • As an Engineer, an exploit may be used to find deeply-buried Error Cubes. Standing next to a wall and shooting a platform at eye-level can sometimes clip the camera inside terrain, giving the player an out-of-bounds perspective of the map. This reveals all machine events, objectives, buried large objects and enemies within rendering distance.
  • The Error Cube may be related to the Error Helix. It is implied that the two have the same origin and could potentially combine to form an even greater mystery. One of the random messages that can appear on the Employee of the Month Screen mentions the Error Cube, hinting that someone within DRG may know more about its true nature than they let on.
  • Interplanetary Miners Union member Mr. Magic Mumbles spent one week straight searching for as many error cubes as possible and managed unearth 47 of them with their team. A community has since developed around "cube hunting" and there are often search parties organized within the Union (The official DRG Discord) drawing inspiration from Mr. Magic Mumbles original feat.