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Hey look, buddy. I'm an engineer — that means I solve problems.

Not problems like 'What is beauty?' because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems

— The Engineer
Class Details
Icon Engineer
Voice Pitch 105%

The Engineer is one of the four playable dwarves of Deep Rock Galatic

His primary weapon set consists of the "Warthog" Auto 210, the "Stubby" Voltaic SMG and the LOK-1 Smart Rifle while his secondaries consist of the Deepcore 40mm PGL, the Breach Cutter and the Shard Diffractor. He has the Kursite Crystalarium, the LMG Gun Platform and the "Owl" Armor Rig as his equipment and the L.U.R.E., the Plasma Burster, the Proximity Mine and the S.S.G as his throwables.


As the ENGINEER, you carry two essential items for surviving the caves - the KURSITE CRYSTALARIUM embeds climbable crystals into any surface, and your automated SENTRY TURRETS lay down blistering hails of support fire - if you manage to get it set up before you're killed. You may not be the sturdiest of dwarves, but your COMBAT SHOTGUN and devastating GRENADE LAUNCHER still make you a formidable opponent.
— Class Description

The Engineer is a tactical dwarf with a formidable arsenal. His ability to construct automated sentry turrets makes him ideal for setting up defensive perimeters to prevent the team from being completely overwhelmed. His Platform Gun also allows easy access to most unreachable areas of Hoxxes' caves.

The Engineer's turrets are great for defense but can be sapped by Spies. Make sure to spycheck the caves for Spies.

The Engineer has four throwables to pick from: the L.U.R.E. which creates a holographic dwarf decoy that distracts enemies from himself and his allies, the Plasma Burster which creates four explosions per grenade, the Proximity Mine which only explodes when a medium or larger size enemy enters its trigger zone, and the S.S.G which unleashes a swarm of friendly Shredders to attack enemies.


All classes have twelve pieces of gear, each of which can be individually upgraded using Credit Credits and crafting resources. There are currently four unlockable weapons per class. Each weapon has its own assignment. Once an assignment for a weapon has been completed it can then be purchased from the upgrade terminal.

"Warthog" Auto 210
Voltaic smg
"Stubby" Voltaic SMG
Submachine Gun
LOK-1 Smart Rifle
Submachine Gun
Deepcore 40mm PGL
Heavy Weapon
Breach cutter
Breach Cutter
Heavy Weapon
Shard Diffractor
Heavy Weapon
Engineer Crystalarium
Kursite Crystalarium
Support Tool
LMG Gun Platform
Sentry Gun
"Owl" Armor Rig
Armor Undersuit
Grenade lure
Grenade plasma
Plasma Burster
Grenade proximity
Proximity Mine
150px-Grenade shredder
Shredder Swarm

Voice Responses[]

Class Selected/Joining an Active Mission[]
  • "Let's play this smart for once, huh?"
  • "It's all about securing the caves, you know?"
  • "Quotas and objectives to fulfill! Let's get 'er done, lads!"
  • "Infestation problems? Automated turret, mate."
  • "Time for a cold one once this is done."
  • "All in a day's work."
  • "Turrets and've come to the right place, mate."
  • "Cut 'em off, cut 'em down. That's the way."
  • "Identify targets and exterminate. That's how it's done."
  • "Elementary!"
Arriving on Hoxxes via Drop Pod[]

(Note: these responses may be heard even if no Engineer is present on the team.)

  • "Get ready!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Remember: leave no one behind!"
  • "Let's get the job done!"
  • "Lock and load, lads."
  • "Time to collect your paycheck!"
  • "If we survive, next round is on me!"
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Get ready to rumble!"
  • "Let's get the job done and get back in a hurry."
  • "Check your gear and let's go!"
  • "Time to collect some gold!"
LMG Sentry Gun[]
  • "One sentry gun, ready to be built."
  • "Sentry, armed."
  • "We need a Sentry riiight here."
  • "Buildin' a Sentry."
  • "Oi! Who's maintaining this sentry gun!"
  • "Spy's sappin' my Sentry!"
  • "Sentry going up."
  • "I told ya don't touch that darn thing."
  • "Sentry down!"


  • The Engineer is the only dwarf whose default appearance in official artwork varies. Sometimes he is shown with a full beard and mustache, other times clean shaven with only the latter.
  • At the start of each mission, the Engineer's voice is heard giving a line of encouragement to the player, even if no engineer is part of your team, or even if you are playing solo as a non-engineer dwarf.
  • It is speculated that Engineer's full name is "Engineer Sentry Gun". This is hinted at by in-game voicelines when pinging one of his turrets.
  • The Engineer's name is believed to be a reference to the Engineer from Team Fortress 2 who also plays a shotgun-wielding, sentry-building role in the popular 2007 Valve class-based FPS game.