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Elimination icon
Mission Details
Cave Type Non-linear
Deposit Type M.U.L.E
Objective(s) Kill 2-5 Dreadnoughts
Payout Credit 570-900
XP Payout Experience Points 2000/3000

Elimination is a mission type in Deep Rock Galactic.

A nest of large Glyphid Cocoons has been located underground and the Dwarves are ordered to eliminate their various inhabitants: ferocious and heavily armored Dreadnoughts. Eliminations are the sixth unlockable mission type, the fifth being Escort Duty.

Dreadnought cocoon

The Dreadnought Cocoon

Eliminate Dreadnought Types[]

The goal in Elimination missions is to locate and destroy multiple Dreadnoughts, which are in their cocoons when the Dwarves arrive. Any Dreadnought variant can spawn from a cocoon, but the same variant can not spawn from two consecutive cocoons.

The cocoons appear on the scanner as bright red egg shapes. The cocoons themselves spawn near open areas to fight in and are surrounded by veins of blue organic material. They emit an audible heartbeat sound and are safe to approach, but take very little damage to break.

Swarms do not attack the players in Elimination missions, but smaller waves of enemies will occasionally attack, including while a Dreadnought Type is being fought. Since these missions are more combat focused, higher quantities of Nitra can be found on the walls to aid in calling Resupply Drops.

While you must complete your primary objective to finish the mission, You can choose to collect an optional secondary objective resource for a Credit Credit and Experience Points Experience bonus upon mission completion.

After the primary objective is completed, a red button will light up on the M.U.L.E to begin the extraction phase. Once pressed the Drop Pod will be called in to pick up the M.U.L.E and any surviving miners. It will wait for 5 minutes before departing, though the door will only open once the MULE has been secured.


Elimination caves consist of a small "starter" room typically lined with resources such as Gold and Nitra. There are usually a few tunnels to various caverns blocked by Compacted Dirt. These can be taken in any order to get to the Cocoons, though use of the player's Terrain Scanner will aid in locating them.


Main article: Dreadnought Types

Once a Glyphid Cocoon has been shattered, any of the three types of Glyphid Dreadnoughts will appear. They will attack immediately, using a variety of attacks to incapacitate the Dwarves. These attacks vary for each Dreadnought type.

Glyphid Dreadnought Dreadnought Hiveguard Glyphid Dreadnought Twins
Glyphid dreadnought Dreadnought Hiveguard Dreadnought Twins


Primary Objective[]

The number of targets to kill is based on the length and complexity of the mission.

Length Complexity Objective Primary Payout Secondary Payout
Cave length 2 Cave complexity 2 Kill 2 Targets Credit 570 Experience Points 1680 Credit 180/300 Experience Points 888/720
Cave length 3 Cave complexity 3 Kill 3 Targets Credit 840 Experience Points 2800 Credit 280/350 Experience Points 1260/1120
Cave length 3 Cave complexity 3 Kill 5 Targets Credit 960 Experience Points 5700 Credit 380/500 Experience Points 4900/3000
Base Values (complexity/length bonus deducted)
Cave length 3 Cave complexity 3 Kill 3 Targets Credit 600 Experience Points 2000 Credit 200/250 Experience Points 900/800
Cave length 1 Cave complexity 1 Kill 2 Targets Credit 480 Experience Points 900 Credit 144/250 Experience Points 600/570

Secondary Objective[]

Fossil Collect 10 Alien Fossils

Apoca bloom Collect 15 Apoca Blooms

Boolo cap Collect 20 Boolo Caps

Ebonut Collect 14 Ebonut

Fleas Exterminate 10 Fester Fleas

Gunk Seed Collect 12 Gunk Seeds

Hollomite Collect 25/35 Hollomite