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=== Gallery ===
=== Gallery ===
<gallery widths="364px" heights="196px">
<gallery widths="364px" heights="196px">
File:Ebonut.jpg|An Ebonut found in the [[Dense Biozone]].
File:Ebonut.jpg|An Ebonut found in the [[Crystalline Caverns]].
File:Ebonut broken.jpg|An Ebonut with its outer shell broken, exposing the fruit inside.
File:Ebonut broken.jpg|An Ebonut with its outer shell broken, exposing the fruit inside.
File:Ebonut Darkness.png|An Ebonut in darkness, showing the glowing tip.

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Ebonut icon.png
Resource Details
Type Secondary Objective
Hardness 3 (Hard)
Value Experience Points 3 per unit

The Ebonut (pronounced eh-boh-nut) is a type of Secondary Objective which can appear in any mission type. The Dwarves can collect Ebonuts to be rewarded with a bonus payout of Credits and Experience upon level completion.


Similar to most types of real-world nuts, Ebonuts are encased in a large rocky shell which protects the actual nut inside. The base of the shell is a dark-grey rocky column which is similar in appearance and color to Ebonite Glyphids. The shell protecting the nut is a lighter brown in comparison. Once the shell is broken the nut inside is similar in colour and size to an oyster pearl where it can then be collected. The internals of the plant appear to be a dark pinkish colour.

Locations & Gathering

Ebonuts are randomly distributed sparsely throughout a level placed on floors, walls and (rarely) ceilings. They are spawned in upon level creation and are similar in placement to other collectible secondary objective resources, such as Boolo Caps and Alien Fossils.

It is not possible to get the Ebonut itself until the shell is broken. The shell can only be destroyed by melee damage (e.g. Pickaxe, Reinforced Power Drills or Impact Axe). It takes three Pickaxe strikes to break open an Ebonut's shell, it will become progressively cracked until it fully breaks on the third hit. The Pickaxe's Power Attack will instantly destroy it. Once it is opened, the remaining nut can be destroyed with one pickaxe hit.

Once the shell is broken the nut inside can then be retrieved which adds it to the player's personal inventory. Ebonuts must be deposited (into the M.U.L.E., the Minehead or the Drop Pod) to count towards the total amount collected.

The amount of Ebonuts needed to complete a mission will always be 14, but there will always be more Ebonuts in a level than are needed to complete the Secondary Objective. Collecting surplus Ebonuts is not necessary and serves no purpose beyond a trifling single-digit boost to the resulting mission experience.



  • The Driller's Impact Axes will destroy the shell upon impact and can also be recovered afterwards.
  • The Reinforced Power Drills can quickly break the shell, so consider using it if you have fuel to spare and want to save a power attack.


  • Ebonuts were added alongside Gunk Seeds and Fester Fleas as the three new Secondary Objectives introduced in Update 31: What Was Left Behind.
  • Due to community request, a small light was added in the tip of the nut to make it more visible in dark caves.