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Dystrum Seed
Dystrum seed
Resource Details
Type Secondary Objective
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Value Experience Points 5 per unit

Dystrum Seeds are a secondary mission objective. They can only appear in Mining Expedition and On-site Refining missions. To be gathered, dwarves must hit them with a pickaxe twice, then press the use key ("E" by default). 13 must be collected to complete the secondary objective. Completing the objective gives 1200 Experience Points, 300 Dystrum and 600 Credit, affected by Hazard Bonus.

Dystrum Seeds are tan with a bluish core containing a type of Dystrum inside. The inside glows in the dark, making them easier to spot.


Dystrum Seeds can be found in any of the six biomes. They are usually located behind veins of Dystrum, but can also be found behind Morkite veins.