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Dystrum icon
Resource Details
Type Secondary Objective
Hardness 2 (Medium)
Value Experience Points 1 per unit

Dystrum is a secondary objective ore. It is currently exclusive to the Point Extraction and On-site Refining gamemode. 100 Dystrum Dystrum must be collected to complete the secondary objective. Completing the objective gives 800 Experience Points and 250 Credit, both affected by Hazard Bonus.


Dystrum vein

As it appears in-game

Dystrum is a pale-blue gravely metal ore, spread across the walls similar to Morkite or Gold. It is notably harder to spot in the Glacial Strata planetary region, where it blends into the icy cave walls. It is even harder to spot in the Azure Weald planetary region, where its color is virtually identical to the predominant colors in the cave.

Dystrum chunks use the same model as Gold, and Magnite.


Dystrum can be found in any Biome, but only as a secondary objective for Point Extraction and On-site Refining missions.


  • Dystrum is probably based on dysprosium, a real mineral with a silvery metallic sheen.

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