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Driller portrait.png Digging is my middle name!
~ The Driller
Class Details
Icon Driller
Voice Pitch 80%

The Driller is one of the four Dwarves in the game.
He is equipped with the CRSPR Flamethrower and Cryo Cannon as his primaries, and the Subata 120 and the Experimental Plasma Charger as his secondaries. He has the Reinforced Power Drills, the Satchel Charge, and the "Mole" Armor Rig as his equipment, and the Impact Axe, High Explosive Grenade, and the Neurotoxin Grenade as his throwables.

About[edit | edit source]

As the Driller, you'll be equipped with a set of Titanium Powerdrills. Your job is to clear any blocked tunnels and obstacles in the path of your team, and in combat you are a force to be reckoned with: Your drills make short work of most enemies up close, and for longer range engagements you are equipped with a heavy duty Flamethrower.
~ Class Description

As the Driller, it is your job to create stairways, pathways and clear obstacles for your team using your Titanium Powerdrills. You are equipped to control large hordes of enemies using your CRSPR Flamethrower which will slowly incinerate your foes, and instantly kill weaker creatures. While your flamethrower is your first priority, you are equipped with a dependable Subata 120 pistol sidearm, and Satchel Charges for clearing rocks, bugs, or both.

The Driller has three Throwables to pick from; the Impact Axe, which is tossed and deals extreme impact damage to enemies, the High Explosive Grenade which functions as a standard frag, and the Neurotoxin Grenade which detonates in a cloud of toxic (and highly volatile) gas that explodes if ignited.

With his powerful drills and immensely destructive Satchel Charges, the Driller is able to cleave through rock like a hot knife through butter. It's not uncommon to see Drillers shaping the environment to their will, such as in Salvage Operation missions where the Powerdrills can be used to break out extra space around the Uplink or Fuel Cells. During extraction phases, Drillers can also create long tunnels to the Drop Pod, which is often safer and quicker than following the M.U.L.E. through winding cave tunnels.

Though the Driller can use his drills for combat, it is often easier to use his dedicated weapons. His Flamethrower is an excellent crowd control weapon, capable of piercing armor and targets alike to deal a lot of damage quickly. Foes caught in the red-hot flames will have their temperature raised until they are lit on fire, which deals extra damage over time. Flames which touch the ground become "Sticky Flames", which linger on the ground and damage foes who pass through them. His Flamethrower deals extra damage to Creatures that have a fire damage vulnerability, including Glyphids in the Glacial Strata and most Macteras. The Driller's Subata 120 pistol is a helpful tool for longer range engagements, being able to deal moderate damage.

The Driller has arguably some of the most unique unlockable weapons. The Cryo Cannon doesn't deal nearly as much direct damage as the Flamethrower but its ability to freeze foes (given enough exposure) will cause them to take massively increased damage while immobilizing them, making them easy targets. The Experimental Plasma Charger is a unique pistol which can fire rapid-fire bursts or charge up to fire a massive energy ball which deals triple the damage of a standard shot. With the right upgrades this weapon can blast through multiple targets and explode on contact with the world, giving it deceptively high damage potential.

For all his benefits however, the Driller does have considerable flaws. His Powerdrills are vulnerable to overheating if used constantly and are tied to a limited fuel supply. They are also somehow unable to dig ores, requiring usage of the Pickaxe to mine them. His Flamethrower excels against multiple weaker targets but struggles against larger foes with health to spare due to its mediocre base damage, particularly against Glyphid Praetorians and Dreadnoughts. His Satchel Charge is also capable of dealing immense damage to teammates, sometimes downing them if they are caught in the blast.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

All classes have eight pieces of gear, each of which can be individually upgraded using Credit.png Credits and crafting resources. There are currently two unlockable weapons per class. Each weapon has their own assignment. Once an assignment for a weapon has been completed it then can be purchased within the upgrade terminal.

CRSPR Flamethrower
Heavy Weapon
Cryo cannon.png
Cryo Cannon
Heavy Weapon
Subata 120
Plasma charger.png
Experimental Plasma Charger
Reinforced Power Drills
Support Tool
Satchel Charge
High Explosive
"Mole" Armor Rig
Armor Undersuit
Grenade axe.png
Impact Axe
Grenade he.png
High Explosive Grenade
Grenade neurotoxin.png
Neurotoxin Grenade

Basic Tips and Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • CRSPR Flamethrower
    • Creatures exposed to the flame will eventually be lit on fire, which causes them to take additional damage.
    • Flame stream can pierce through an unlimited number of targets and through heavily armored enemies such as Praetorians, but at a reduced rate.
    • Leaves behind "Sticky Flames" which burn on the ground and damage enemies who run through them.
    • Limited range leaves the user open to projectile-using enemies.
  • Cryo Cannon
    • Frozen enemies take triple damage anywhere on their body, (including armor) and cannot take any action.
    • Uses a pressure system and draws from a single tank of reserve ammo.
    • Takes time to charge up before use.
    • Excellent support weapon, works best in coordinated teams, but its low damage proves troublesome.
    • Also has a short range, much like the Flamethrower.
  • Subata 120
    • Semi-automatic handgun which deals with threats the Flamethrower or Cryo Cannon can't reach.
    • Despite its small size, it deals surprisingly high damage when aiming for weakpoints.
    • Also carries plentiful amounts of reserve ammo.
    • While its range is longer than Driller's primaries, it still cannot take down targets at extreme ranges without controlled fire.
  • Experimental Plasma Charger
    • Fires smaller shots at a rapid rate, or charges up a big shot for increased damage and blast radius.
    • Draws from a reserve pool with no reloading.
    • Capable of dealing with individual threats and groups of foes alike.
    • Vulnerable to overheating and will jam at critical temperatures - charged shots will instantly cause an overheat without modifications.
    • A mix of regular and charged shots can chew through ammo very quickly.
  • Reinforced Power Drills
    • Digs through terrain with ease and at a much faster rate than Pickaxes.
    • Can be used to make tunnels or clear out terrain and make room in defensible positions.
    • Drills have lots of fuel but can overheat and jam with excessive use.
    • Drills can be used for combat, but this chews through fuel quickly and is not recommended for most situations.
  • Satchel Charge
    • Deals the highest amount of damage in a single shot of any weapon in the game.
    • Has an extremely large blast radius and also carves out a big space in terrain.
    • Charges must be planted and then detonated remotely in a two-stage process.
    • Despite friendly fire damage reduction, charges can deal extreme damage to teammates, employ due care when using.
  • Throwables
    • Impact Axe
      • Axes are thrown in an arc and emit an electrical burst upon impact.
      • Deals very high damage in a tight space, best used for finishing off injured tanks and specials.
      • High carry count - eight at once.
      • Axes that do not hit enemies can be retrieved and reused.
    • High Explosive Grenade
      • Typical frag grenade with no special properties.
      • Throw it into a crowd of bugs, watch them go boom.
    • Neurotoxin Grenade
      • Emits a gaseous cloud upon hitting the ground which slowly fills a wide radius.
      • This gas is harmless to Dwarves but poisons enemies, slowing them and causing damage over time.
      • Gas is highly flammable and will explode when exposed to a naked flame (this will harm Dwarves).

Voice Responses[edit | edit source]

Class Selected / Joining An Active Game[edit | edit source]
  • "Step aside, wimps!"
  • "Obstacle? More like a granite smoothie when I'm done."
  • "Digging is my middle name!"
  • "If it ain't drillable, it's probably flammable."
  • "Let me handle the digging!"
  • "I'll drill through anything!"
  • "Fueled up and raring to go!"
  • "I eat rock for breakfast!"
  • "Heavy duty excavation - ain't no finer thing."
  • "Ain't no obstacle I can't clear!"
  • "Drill 'em and grill 'em."
  • "Just call me the drilldozer!"