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Whoever said plant life needs access to sunlight has obviously never visited Hoxxes. This region is dominated by what can best be described as a subterranean rainforest - masses of writhing, (mostly carnivorous) plant life, producing entire microcosms of life deep within the crust of the planet. Tread with care.
— Ingame description

Dense Biozone is one of the biomes of Hoxxes IV. Dense Biozone is a large and remote habitat, housing many different and unique species of plants and creatures. It features extremely large and twisting cave coral filled rooms. The walls are covered with small green blossoms which glow in the dark, emitting a small amount of light. The rock making up the caves is durable, taking two hits for it to give way.


The biome-specific hazards for Dense Biozone are tall ejector cacti, which shoot out spiked projectiles in multiple directions at once, and small, spheroid cave urchins which can be found primarily on the ground. Both hazards deal damage to the Player and other Creatures. If proper caution is taken, these hazards can be destroyed safely.

Dense Biozone also has white Explosive Plants, which explode violently when sufficiently damaged. These explosions are able to trigger other nearby plants, which can then cause a deadly chain-reaction. These plants can also be found in Glacial Strata in the same white color and can also be found in a red color in Fungus Bogs and Magma Core.

It will occasionally rain, reducing the brightness of flares and other light sources. While it is raining the dwarves all gain a 100% resistance to all forms of Fire and Heat damage, such as Gas explosions and the Driller's Flamethrower.


Most enemies can be encountered in Dense Biozone, including Spitball Infectors, Cave Leeches, and Glyphid Dreadnoughts. Naedocyte Shockers are exclusive to Dense Biozone and Glacial Strata.

Biome Features[]

Dense Biozone houses several different types of vegetation, such as various grasses growing on the floors and Elevator Plants, along with the hazardous Ejector Cacti mentioned above.

Item Description Statistics
BF Elevator Plant
Elevator Plant
Large plants capable of moving Dwarves up or down when stepped on, or when the glowing bulb on the plant is damaged. Health: 1000
BF Glowlit
Once approached, it will open up with a glowing purple bulb lighting up a small area. The bulb will close up if it is hit. TBD
BF ExplodingPlant Blue
Exploding Plant
Glowing plants of varying size that explode violently when damaged. The largest plant needs less damage to detonate it, and larger plants have bigger and more damaging explosions.

Different color to the explosive plants found in the Magma Core and Fungus Bogs, but functionally identical.

Health: 20/30

Damage: 150/200/400 Radius: 3m/4.5m/6m

BF Ejector Cacti
Ejector Cacti
Plants that launch spiked projectiles in many directions at once, capable of damaging Dwarves, enemies, and detonating Exploding Plants. Health: 150

Damage: 30

BF Spider Web
Spider Web
Thin webs that slow anything passing through them and impair the vision of dwarves. Can be burnt with the Flamethrower or other sources of fire damage. Health: 1

x0.5 Movement Speed

BF GlyphidEggs
Glyphid Eggs
Glyphid Swarmers burst out if an egg is damaged. Random chance all the nearby eggs will burst as well. Health: 20
BF Cave Urchin
Cave Urchin
Small spiky cactus-like plants which damages any dwarves that come into contact with it. Health: 35

Damage: 4-7

BF Spiky Plant
An egg shaped plant with many small holes around it. When attacked or approached spikes will shoot out of each hole and retract, damaging and knocking back dwarves. Health: 400

Damage: 60

BF Coral Tongue
Coral Tongue
Small cyan colored tentacles which aimlessly wiggle around. Health: 30
BF Tiny Glowing Flora
Glowing Flora
Tiny green flora that glows in the dark, which can assist with cave navigation. N/A
BF Cave Coral
Cave Coral
Large coral formations often found in large caves. Hardness: 2
Biozone corals 1
Cave Coral
Medium cave coral often found in larger caves. Hardness: 2
Biozone corals (3)
Cave Coral
Medium cave coral often found in larger caves. Hardness: 2
Biozone corals 2
Cave Coral
Medium cave coral often found in larger caves. Hardness: 2
Biozone corals (1)
Cave Coral
Medium cave coral often found in larger caves. Hardness: 2


As with every biome, some of the Ores that can be found in Dense Biozone are determined by the mission type, such as Morkite and Aquarq. The crafting materials found in Dense Biozone are Bismor Bismor and Umanite Umanite, with Bismor being abundant and Umanite being scarce.