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Deep Dives are an End Game mechanic that was introduced in Update 25: Endgame - Part 1. Deep Dives are accessible to the player once they have promoted their first Dwarf, while Elite Deep Dives and Deeper Dives also require the completion of a Deep Dive (only once). Note that only promoted classes can participate on Deep Dives.

In the latest 'Dating Simulator' Update, it is referenced when establishing a relationship and reaching to the final stage on your love meter, in which there is an option to perform a "Deep Dive" on your chosen dwarf or robot.

The mechanic consists of three pre-seeded, difficulty-locked variants: Deep Dives, Elite Deep Dives, and Deeper Dives. Deep Dives and Elite Deep dives consist of three Missions each with two objectives each; totaling six objectives that must be completed to complete a full Deep Dive. Deeper Dives follow the same format, albeit with an increased number of missions - typically ninety-seven, though this is increased to 194 missions on Thursdays prior to 11am UTC. Unlike in normal Missions, the Secondary Objective is replaced with another Primary Objective, and both Primary Objectives must be completed to move onto the next stage. All gear, ammo, HP, and mined Gold and Nitra will carry over from one mission to the next, and missions must be played back-to-back, making Deep Dives essentially one long mission. Deep Dives can be accessed through the Deep Dive Terminal located on the Space Rig. Players can view their quickest completion time for the Deep Dives at the KPI Terminal located in their Personal Cabin.

Players can run a given Deep Dive as many times as they want, however the rewards can only be received once per Deep Dive. Along with the Weekly Assignments, new Deep Dives become available at 11am UTC each Thursday.


Main article: Difficulty Scaling

With the introduction of Deep Dives, three new hazard levels are introduced that can only appear within a Dive: Hazard 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5; these can only be found within Deep Dives.

Difficulty for each Deep Dive stage:

  • Regular Deep Dive: Haz 3 Hazard 3 Haz 3.5 Hazard 3.5 Haz 3.5 Hazard 3.5 — 2 Warnings (Total, max of 1 per stage)
  • Elite Deep Dive: Haz 4.5 Hazard 4.5 Haz 5 Hazard 5 Haz 5.5 Hazard 5.5 — 2 or 3 Warnings (Total, max of 1 per stage)
  • Deeper Dive: Begins at Haz 5.5Hazard 5.5, with each successive stage increasing hazard level by 0.5. Max of 5 Warnings per stage

Each Deep Dive has a randomly generated seed upon the weekly reset, which makes a Deep Dive's difficulty slightly different when compared to the general 1 to 5 Hazard levels of regular missions.

Mission Combinations[]

Deep dive mission

Elite Deep Dive mission progress

Unlike normal Missions, Deep Dives have primary mission types as secondary objectives.

  Primary Secondary
Mining expedition icon Collect 200-400 Morkite Collect 150 Morkite
Egg collection icon Collect 4/6 Eggs Collect 2-3 Eggs
Refining icon Refine Liquid Morkite  —
Salvage icon Salvage 2/3 Mini M.U.L.E.s Repair 2 Mini M.U.L.E.s 1
Point extraction icon Collect 7/10 Bittergem   Collect 3-5 Bittergem
Powerstone harvest icon Collect 3/4 Powerstones   Collect 1 Powerstone
Escort icon Escort the Drill 2  —
Elimination icon Kill 2/3 Dreadnoughts Kill 1 Dreadnought
Blackbox icon  — Recover 1 Black Box
Sabotage icon Disable 2 Power Stations  —

1 Does not include repairing the Drop Pod.
2 Only feature one refueling stop.

The primary and secondary mission types cannot be the same and some combinations are unavailable, leaving a total of 26 possible combinations.


Completing each mission of a Deep Dive will grant the player a random reward as listed below:

The Deep Dive, Elite Deep Dive, and Deeper Dive will all provide the same rewards from the same reward pool. Each reward can only be received once per variant, totaling 9 Matrix Cores and either 89 or 190 Error Cube rewards every week.
Blank Matrix Core are given instead when all Weapon Overclocks are collected and a Mineral Containers of 120 crafting resources if all Cosmetics Matrix Core have been obtained.

Extra experience from all sources except mission objectives is disabled. Assuming successful completion, a regular Deep Dive always awards 15 750 XP (and 1537Performance Points Performance Points), an Elite Deep Dive always awards 20 250 XP (and 1731Performance Points), and a Deeper Dive always awards either 824 500 or 1 649 000 XP (and either 200 693 or 401 386 Performance Points Performance Points), depending on day of the week.

Infused Cores[]

Deep Dives are a way to earn Infused Matrix Cores and are a primary focus in getting stronger. There are two different Infused Matrix Cores: Weapon and Cosmetic.

The overclock that can be forged is determined when the player receives the Infused Matrix Core.

Note: It is not possible to get duplicate cores.


  • Elite Deep Dives are harder than regular Deep Dives, the danger of an EDD is approximate to a triple length Hazard 5 mission.
  • Completing the same variant Deep Dive a second time, in the same week, will not grant additional Matrix Cores or Error Cubes, but will still give any XP, Credits and minerals found inside the dive.
  • Crafting Materials cannot be found within Deep Dives, however Huuli Hoarders can still spawn and drop them. The only two ways to get crafting materials is from finding a huuli hoarder or finding a rival Prospector Drone.
  • 'Today's Special' beers consumed in the Abyss Bar before starting the Deep Dive will carry over into all missions.
  • Active Perks will reset between missions, meaning players using perks such as Field Medic or Iron Will will be able to use their active abilities multiple times during the dive.
  • When playing solo, Bosco's revive charges will be reset between missions.
  • If one has all the Weapon Overclock Matrix Cores one will receive Blank Matrix Cores from the second mission instead.
  • It's recommended to wait until Midnight UTC Thursday to do the Deeper Dive, as completing a regular length Deeper Dive will mean you get half the cubes you would otherwise.
  • While normally, available missions refreshing does not affect in progress missions, Deeper Dives are special - upon the time reaching 11 AM UTC on Thursday, any in progress Deeper Dives immediately have their drop pods detonate, rendering the mission unbeatable. It is recommended to move quickly while completing Deeper Dives.
  • There are five achievements related to Deep Dives.
  • If the Drop Pod launches when a Dwarf is downed, the player will spawn alive for the next mission, unless it is the final mission. In that case they will appear as downed on the end screen. This is not true for Deeper Dives, where leaving dwarves behind results in the game showing the team that dwarf being eaten alive by glyphids during the loading screen, with that dwarf being permanently removed from the lobby immediately after.
  • Deep dives and Elite deep dives will only give one mission worth of performance points rather than three missions worth.
  • Performance Points will only be given for the total XP gained, instead of after each stage of the Deep Dive / Elite Deep Dive / Deeper Dive.

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  • The name of the first ever Deep Dive mission was "Hard Blade".
  • The name of the first ever Deeper Dive mission was “Karl’s Ligmite”