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Data Cell
Datacell icon
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Extremely rare event, only appearing in June July and August
Value Credit 500 per unit
Experience Points 1000 per unit

Data Cells are a bonus item introduced with the Season 01: Rival Incursion update alongside the Performance Pass. They used to give performance points and scrip to the team upon mission completion, as well as 500 Credit and 1000 Experience Points (both multiplied by the Hazard Bonus as usual). As of Season 3, only credits and experience points are rewarded for depositing.

Data cells are obtained by hacking a Prospector Data Deposits, disabling a Rival Communications Router, or destroying a Prospector Drone. These are events that can spawn randomly in any mission other than Industrial Sabotage. Their spawn chance is not affected by Mission length. A maximum of one of any of these events can spawn per mission, meaning you will never ever be able to obtain more than one Data cell per mission related to the machine events.

Since seasons 1 and 2 have ended, cells have become significantly more rare, only appearing in approximately a a tenth of all missions, and only during the summer months of June through August. Cells do not give performance points to the current season pass, nor do they reward scrip anymore. Instead, they give you a small amount of credits but a big amount of xp (1000 xp).

If a mission is failed, as long as the Data Cell was deposited, players will still be able to claim their some of the experience and credits they grant.

Seasons Events[]

Prospector Drone[]

The Prospector Drone is sent by a Rival Company and programmed for curiosity and thorough work, it researches every nook and cranny around areas of Hoxxes for mining potential. If attacked it will call for help from its fellow drones and flee to avoid its precious data being lost in the depths.
— Miner's Manual Description

Season events prospector drone

A passive roaming Prospector Drone

The rival Prospector Drone is a relatively passive rival tech drone that can be encountered wandering on Hoxxes. The prospector drone is dormant and docile, it goes around prospecting minerals such as: Gold, Nitra, Morkite, Dystrum, Hollomite, Umanite, Magnite, Croppa, Bismor, flower plants, including: Boolo Caps, Apoca Blooms, Alien Fossils, Gunk Seeds, Starch Nut, Yeast Cones, Malt Stars, Barley Bulbs, maybe Fester Fleas,? etc), containers of minerals like the M.U.L.E. (Molly), Loot Bugs ,and strangely enough Cave Leeches, but not Cargo Crates, Jadiz, Enor Pearls, compressed Gold, Bittergems or Error Cubes. The prospector drone also digs holes in search of its beloved treasures, providing clues for miners when it is in the area.

The prospector drone will not attack or flee unless it is damaged, so feel free to get as close to them as you like! The prospector drone will completely ignore physical contact up to and including riding it around. Some dwarves tolerate the company of the prospector drone for long periods of time, using it both as a resource finder and a trampoline. This practice is not recommended as the Glyphids are highly prone to breaking this fragile peace. Many kinds of Glyphid can damage the Prospector while attempting to kill dwavers. They can be splashed by AOE attackers such as the Glyphid Exploder/radioactiveGlyphid Exploder and Glyphid Bulk Detonator/Glyphid Crassus Detonator, caught in the crossfire of ranged attackers like the Glyphid Praetorian, Glyphid Acid Spitter, Mactera Spawns, Mactera Tri-Jaws, and Mactera Goo Bombers, and even hit by stationary threats like Stabber Vines)!

Any source of damage will cause the Prospector to flee in distress and call in Patrol Bots and Shredders. Claims of a Nemesis responding to this call have been denied by Management. Calling for backup is the Prospector's only defence, otherwise it will simply try to run away from danger. Whenever one of its 3 health segments are depleted (up to twice), the drone will activate an orange shield and become immune to damage for 10 seconds, or up to 20 seconds if spawned Patrol Bots exceed the number of active players. Immediately after this shield is engaged, a wave of Patrol Bots and Shredders will also spawn to protect the Prospector Drone.

If the Prospector Drone manages to escape the dwarves by reaching a safe location several dozen meters away from them, it will return to passive mode and the Drone's healthbar will fade until reengaged. However, the Drone will now be alerted by detecting nearby dwarves in addition to taking damage. Every time a Prospector Drone is allowed to escape and is reengaged it will spawn an additional wave of Patrol Bots and Shredders.

Prospector Data Deposit[]

The Hacking Pod has landed! Hook it up to the Prospector Data Deposit, so the hacking can begin!
— Mission Control

Season events prospector data deposit

A Data Deposit for the Prospector Drone

The Prospector Data Deposit is an obelisk-like structure randomly found inside the caves. A Dwarf can interact with it to call down a Hacking Pod, the same kind that is summoned when interacting with a Power Station during an Industrial Sabotage mission. Once it arrives, players need to create a data link between it and the Deposit using Transmitter Nodes, again in the same way as during said mission type. In-lore, it is the structure in which the Prospector Drone stores its data.

Once the link is established, a button will appear on the Hacking Pod and, when pressed, it will start the hacking sequence. During this time, waves of enemies will spawn near the Hacking Pod, targeting it directly instead of the Dwarves in many cases. As in Sabotage missions, if the drone takes enough damage, it will go back into its housing and have to be restarted again. In addition to normal enemy spawns, a wave of Patrol Bots and Shredders will spawn upon reaching 1/3rd and 2/3rds of the hacking progress bar. Once the hacking is complete, instead of the Prospector Data Deposit looking, being and getting destroyed by the hacker unlike the power station does, the front data Deposit will lift up and the rest of it will open up and expose it’s data cell. Then you can grab the data cell and deposit it into the M.U.L.E for extra performance points. Then Mission Control will say that the data cell has been secured and you will have a huge boost in performance quality and then you can get on with your mission.

  • the hack-c unit may be tied similar and be the same company as the BET-C but they do significantly different functions, tasks, things, etc. But still, bet-c vs hack-c.

 •  The objective is to defend the Hack-C Bot Unit until it's hacking progress is complete.

Rival Communications Router[]

You've triggered the Rival Comms Router anti-tampering system! The only way to disarm it is to hack each Antenna Node while it back-charges the Router Core.
— Mission Control

Season events rival communications router

A dormant Rival Communications Router

The Rival Communications Router is surrounded by multiple Antenna Nodes. (There are nine antenna nodes in total of each communications router). After disabling all the three battery relays, the comms router will start a self-destruction sequence timer, and then the antenna nodes will all close up from being a four bladed fan to being either a closed umbrella or a stationary projectile. In the allotted time, the Dwarves will then have to spot the blinking blue light antenna node and proceed to hacking them to disable them, however the blinking blue lights will switch to another antenna node every 30 seconds. You can defuse the active antenna node by interacting with it to bring pull out your dwarf's hacking device which then opens a small hacking minigame, the minigame is played by selecting both sides of one of the two wires displayed on screen and then pinpointing the displayed "weak point" of the wire to cut it. Do this for both of the two wires to successfully hack the node. If the sequence time is over, the dwarf will get electrocuted and booted out, and another node will become active instead. The amount of nodes needed to be hacked to complete the event successfully is dependent on the size of your team, and the amount of time it takes to complete the whole entire event depends on the hazard level. In case of a failed event, the Communications Router will explode in a thirty meter radius, dealing very high damage almost immediately and instantly killing anything and everything in the area. If the event is successful, the self destruct will be aborted and access to the data cell inside the router will be granted.

 •  The objective is to disable 3-5 Antenna Nodes in the allotted time.