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Credits (Credit.png) are the primary form of currency in Deep Rock Galactic. Credits, as well as Crafting Materials, are used to purchase Modifications, Accessories, and other goods on board the Space Rig. Credits serve no purpose during missions.

Acquiring Credits[]

There are multiple ways to collect credits.

  • Mission Payout
    • Completing the primary objective during a mission and extracting alive will reward the player with a hefty paycheck, depending on the cave complexity of the mission.
Primary Objectives Credits
Mining Expedition Mining Expedition 200 Morkite icon.png 450 Credit.png
225 Morkite icon.png 495 Credit.png
250 Morkite icon.png 540 Credit.png
325 Morkite icon.png 720 Credit.png
400 Morkite icon.png 900 Credit.png
Egg Collection Egg Hunt All Missions 300 Credit.png
Salvage Salvage Operation All Missions 700 Credit.png
Point Extraction Point Extraction All Missions 650 Credit.png
Elimination Elimination All Missions 600 Credit.png
Escort Escort Duty 1 stop 775 Credit.png
2 stops 975 Credit.png
Refining On-site Refining Cave complexity 2 650 Credit.png
Cave complexity 3 850 Credit.png
  • Secondary Objective
    • Completing the optional secondary objective will reward the team with additional bonus credits at the end of the mission.
Secondary Objectives Credits
Apoca Bloom Apoca Bloom 200 Credit.png
Fossil Alien Fossil 200 Credit.png
Boolo Cap Boolo Cap 200 Credit.png
Dystrum Dystrum 250 Credit.png
Hollomite Hollomite 250 Credit.png
Ebonut Ebonut 200 Credit.png
Gunk Seed Gunk Seed 200 Credit.png
Fleas Fester Fleas 200 Credit.png
  • Gold
    • Mining Gold is the easiest way to collect large amounts of credits. 2 Credits are rewarded per unit of Gold, which can be found spread across the walls of caverns. A Larger, compressed form of gold, named Compressed Gold, can be rarely found embedded in the cave walls, and must be dug out. Depositing the hidden chunk of gold into the M.U.L.E will reward the team with 150 - 250 units of gold.
  • Bittergem
    • An extremely rare purple chunk of crystal, named Bittergem, can be found and deposited into the M.U.L.E. It will reward the players with 1000 - 1500 Bittergem units, which are worth 1 Credit each.
  • Mineral Trade Terminal
    • The Mineral Trade Terminal on the Space Rig can be used to trade-in Crafting Materials for Credits (50 Credit.png per 1 Crafting Material).

Spending Credits[]

Credits can be spent in various way on the Space Rig.

  • Equipment
    • Unlocking gear and modifications is one of the primary uses for credits, as it is the primary source of making the player stronger.
  • Accessory Shop
    • Vanity items can be purchased using credits and minerals to outfit the player character's appearance.
  • Mineral Trade Terminal
    • The Mineral Trade Terminal on the Space Rig can be used to purchase Crafting Materials for Credits (150 Credit.png per 1 Crafting Material).
  • Abyss Bar
    • Drinks from the Abyss Bar can be purchased with Credits. There will always be one rotating drink; it will supply a buff that will last one mission.
  • Jukebox
    • Various songs can be played at the Jukebox by the Abyss Bar for just 2 Credit.png Credits. Although it exists for fun, there are a few Achievements that can be earned from playing songs.


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