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This article contains information about the default controls in Deep Rock Galactic.


Xbox Controller Keyboard and Mouse Action
Player Interaction
Left Stick W, A, S, D Move Character
Right Stick Move Mouse Camera Movement
A Spacebar Jump
Left Stick Button Shift Sprint
X E Activate/Pick Up
- Z Push to Talk
Left Bumper X Shout
Right Stick Button V Salute
Weapons and Tools
Right Trigger Left Mouse Button Fire Weapon
Left Trigger Right Mouse Button Swing Pickaxe
- Scroll Wheel Switch Equipment
D-Pad Up 1 Equip Primary Weapon
D-Pad Left 2 Equip Secondary Weapon
D-Pad Down 3 Equip Utility Tool
D-Pad Right 4 Equip Mobility Tool
D-pad Down Twice 5 Equip Resupply Tool
Hold Left Button Ctrl Equip Laser Pointer
- Q Previous Item
X R Reload Weapon
B F Throw Flare
Right Bumper G Throw Grenade
Y C Call for the M.U.L.E
Share/Back Tab Show Terrain Scanner
Hold B Hold F Toggle Headlight
Menus and Miscellaneous
Menu/Start Escape (Esc) Open the Menu
A Left Mouse Button/Enter Accept
B Escape (Esc) Close Terminal/Menu
Y C Invite Friends
- Y Accept Invite
- N Reject Invite
- I Ignore Invite
- Hold H Toggle HUD
- Enter Chat