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When one grenade just won't cut it. This thing is basically Armageddon in the palm of your hand.
— Item Description

The Cluster Grenade is an unlockable Throwable for the Gunner. It is a handheld explosive with multiple payloads connected to one large stick.

The Cluster Grenade does not produce an explosion upon landing. It will instead eject its nine miniature payloads after a brief delay upon impact with the world. These "bomblets" will eject in random directions (though the distance they travel remains roughly the same) and will immediately explode on impact. The combined damage of all these bombs stacks up to 360 damage.

They have a chance of stunning their target as well.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Gunner Level 10
Purchased for:
Credit 3400 Credits
Umanite 20 Umanite
Initial Stats
Bomblet Area Damage 40 Explosive
Bomblet Stun Duration 1.5s
Bomblet Stun Chance 50%
Carried Amount 4
Bomblets 9
Maximum Damage Radius 2m
Radius 3.85m
Minimum Damage 50%
Friendly Fire 50%


Cluster Grenade Demonstration


  • A much more extreme version of this grenade was shown off on the game's official Twitter back in early April, following up to the release of the Explosive Expansion update.
  • It seems similar to bundled versions of the real-life German Stielhandgranate (stick hand grenade), otherwise known as the "potato-masher" grenade, used in the Second World War.

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