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A Cleansing Pod is a type of pod dropped when a player finds a festering Rockpox outbreak that needs to be cleansed. Whilst an initial impact of a Lithophage meteorite can be broken and its Plaguehearts harvested via a Rock Cracker Module before it fully embeds itself in Hoxxes. A Cleansing Pod is needed for cases where the Lithophage has spread beyond what can be tolerated by management.


Once called down, the Cleansing Pod would crash down like any other drop pod. It is a very large silvery-white drop pod with orange decals, before opening up to reveal a pair of both LithoFoams and LithoVacs; four in total and one for each Dwarf.



  • Multiple Cleansing Pods can be called down if multiple mature Lithophage meteorites have embedded nearby.