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The Cave Vine is a passive mob that spawns exclusively in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone. It hangs from the roof of the cave and reaches its tendril feelers down to the ground, lazily hanging there.


When no dwarves are nearby, the Cave Vine will just hang directly down and sway slightly. When approached by a dwarf, it will reach out to them to feel / touch them and produce a strange sound effect. This doesn't affect the player in any way.

You can pet a nearby Cave Vine by pressing the [USE] ("E" by default) key.

Health and Armor[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Any Mission
1 to 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 to Dwarfcount4 100


This creature cannot damage the player directly or indirectly. But it has the potential to be mistaken for a Cave Leech.


  • The feeler will always float directly above a portion of ground below the creature's "body", which can result in humorously long tendrils if spawned in large caves or if the ground is dug out below it.
  • The player can pet the end of a Cave Vine tentacle even though there is no on screen prompt to do so.