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The Cave Leech is the reason for the long-running informational campaign across all DRG Space Rigs "Look Out, Look Up". It is an immobile, tentacled sack of grease found suspended from secluded ceilings within particularly dark caves, just waiting for anything meaty and unaware to walk past and become an unsuspecting snack. As Ranger Garfax says, says, and says again: "LOOK OUT. LOOK UP."
— Miner's Manual Description

Cave Leeches are a removed stationary enemy that spawned in ceilings. They appear as a wide, pink fleshy half-sphere attached to a small crevice in the ceiling, with three small sharp-clawed tentacles for tearing captured prey apart, and one larger central clawed tentacle meant for reaching down and gripping potential prey. The central tentacle has a small bioluminescent bulb in the middle that is visible only when it is reaching down to grab a Dwarf. Its central tentacle emitted a quiet hissing sound, making the leech become louder as it got closer to its target, though it is still quiet enough to be easily missed. They generate with the cave while loading a mission, and do not respawn once killed. They generally spawned at a low rate, but their spawn rate was greatly increased by the Cave Leech Cluster Mutator.

Cave Leeches were especially deadly threats when teams do not communicate with each other, as a player attempting to revive a downed teammate was susceptible to become another victim if they were unaware of the threat. Due to how powerful they were, Cave Leeches were removed in Season 5: Drilling Deeper as Ghost Ship Games felt they were disrupting gameplay too much. Despite their removal, they still appear in the Bestiary, and GSG has stated they will be added back after balancing changes have been tested internally.

Health and Armor[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 to Dwarfcount4 30 70 100 150 170 100 120 160 170 200


  • When a dwarf enters a Cave Leech's range, the central tentacle will extend towards the target at a moderate pace. The attack can be stalled by attacking the claw or the base of the leech. The claw will emit a distinct hissing sound as it extends towards the player. If the claw feels/touches a dwarf, it will pick them up and quickly lift them towards the ceiling. After the claw is fully retracted, the cave leech will begin to use its smaller tentacles to deal some quick short bursts of heavy damage. Unlike a Mactera Grabber, Cave Leeches will not release their target until either the Cave Leech is killed or their target is downed. Once killed, the Cave Leech will lower the Dwarf back down to a certain point, often negating all fall damage. If the cave leech kills the dwarf it is holding, it will drop said dwarf and return to its idle state unless there is another dwarf in its grabbing vicinity. If a very elevated Cave Leech grabs a Dwarf, it's possible for the Dwarf to take significant fall damage, or even outright go down, due to the height at which they were dropped from once the Cave Leech is killed. The Cave Leech will usually lower dwarves to a certain level, but sometimes they might drop you from the height that you are at all the way from the ceiling to the bottom floor on about a 10% chance if an error occurred whilst trying to leech the dwarf when killed.

Tentacle Snatch
Damage per Tick Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 0 2.5 15 30 38 20 35 20 38 40

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0 17 23 33.3 40 0 17 23 33.3 40

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Damage Type Kinetic
Interval 1 



  • Cave Leeches resemble Barnacles from the Half-Life game series. The Cave Leech's internal name also used to be "Barnacle".
  • If you get downed by a Cave Leech be sure to mention it so the teammate who comes to revive you does not meet the same tragic fate.