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The Burst Turret is protected by an impenetrable barrier and lie in wait for intruders. They're set up around Rival Prospecting Facilities to protect the Power Stations that keep the shield around the vault intact. Once its sensors pick up intruder movement, it will lower its barriers and attack!
— Miner's Manual Description

The Burst Turret is a stationary defensive emplacement from Rival Tech. They will appear in Industrial Sabotage missions and sometimes missions with the Rival Presence Mutator. They appear mounted to the ground with an impenetrable orange plasma shield in front of them, but if a Dwarf steps in range and is also in it's Line of Sight (LoS) it will configure into it's attack mode, exposing it's glowing Weak Point behind the top of it's burst emitter. Breaking LoS will cause it to stow away it's weak point and transform back into it's shielded passive state.

The Burst Turret only has one attack, which is to fire bursts of 6 orange lasers at any dwarf in range. While these can be avoided with quick movement, they are fired in quick succession and with a short time between each burst which makes getting behind cover or destroying it very quickly an advisable option.

Health and Armor[]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 187.5 375 825 975 1125 825 1162.5 1350 1275 1725
Dwarfcount2 577.5 1125 1425 1500 2400 975 1462.5 1575 1650 2475
Dwarfcount3 577.5 1125 1425 1500 2400 975 1462.5 1575 1650 2475
Dwarfcount4 1387.5 1500 1725 1950 2175 1725 1950 2100 2100 2700