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Blue Ice
Blue ice icon
Resource Details
Type Consumable Resource
Hardness 1 (Brittle)
Rarity Rare
Value Experience Points 0 per unit
Oh yeah! Time to fly!
— The Dwarves, Blue Ice

Blue Ice is a glowing, deep blue crystalline resource which can be found in every biome but only in Point Extraction, Egg Hunt, On-site Refining and Elimination missions. It is a brittle resource which breaks in one hit. Due to its bright glow, Blue Ice can be easily seen, even with no flares.

Blue Ice is made up of 99.1% bliceum, a speed boosting element, and a 0.9% stalactite material similar to that found in the Glacial Strata. Unlike most mined minerals, Blue Ice doesn't go into the player's inventory. Instead, upon being mined, it grants Dwarves a 30-second speed boost, similar to the Rich Atmosphere anomaly effect.

A single Blue Ice vein can provide this speed boost to multiple Dwarves as they mine it consecutively. However, Dwarves with the speed boost already in effect won't receive the buff if they mine Blue Ice. The chunks will fall to the floor where they can be picked up by a slower Dwarf.

Since Blue Ice doesn't enter the inventory, it cannot be deposited in the M.U.L.E. or sent back to the Space Rig. It's a purely temporary resource used to enhance a Dwarf's movement for short bursts.

Blue ice

As it appears in-game

Blue ice chunks

Chunks on the ground

Blue Ice is a fairly rare mineral found throughout the caves, though it is always located within reach of dwarves without using traversal tools.

Blue Ice can also be found in missions with the Rich Atmosphere anomaly active, but consuming it will have no affect on movement speed.

Perks effects[]

Blue Ice has the following effects when used with these perks:

  • If a dwarf is loaded up on this mineral when Berzerker is activated, it will reduce the Power Attack recharge from 1.5 and 1 seconds to 0.5 and 0.25 seconds respectively. The cooldown between perk usage is reduced by 62%.
  • The amount of speed boost provided by the mineral will stack on top of Second Wind if the player is sprinting.
  • In addition to stacking with Dash, it will also reduce the cooldown between dashes by 62%. The player only needs to experience the minerals effects during a dash for this to take effect, even if the effects wear off before the cooldown is complete.


  • Blue Ice is more addictive than Red Sugar, as noted by the Dwarves, though this has no bearing on gameplay.
  • Its appearance as a short and thick crystalline node growing out of the walls is similar to that of Red Sugar.
  • Blue Ice first appeared in caves during the Season 05: Drilling Deeper update, though it was alluded to on dev streams as early as March of 2023.
  • Blue Ice is a direct reference to the 2008 drama Breaking Bad, where the protagonists cook blue crystal meth that is highly addictive and crystalline in appearance, just like the Blue Ice in game.