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Resource Details
Type Crafting Mineral
Hardness 2 (Medium)
Rarity Abundant ( Dense Biozone ) ;
Scarce ( Crystalline Caverns / Salt Pits / Hollow Bough )
Value Experience Points 2 per unit

Bismor is a Crafting Mineral that can be acquired by mining it. It can also be stored in the Personal Inventory and Team Depository. It can be bought on the Mineral Trade Terminal for Credit 150 Credits, chunks of it can be acquired (only on Dense Biozone, Crystalline Caverns, Salt Pits and Hollow Bough) via Huuli Hoarders, Cargo Crates or near Lost Packs.

When the mission is concluded, the Hazard Bonus will dictate how many units the player will get. It is sometimes required to buy equipment, modifications, vanity items and Overclocks. It can be sold for Credit 50 Credits in the Mineral Trade Terminal.


Bismor vein-cube

As it appears in-game

Bismor is a cube-shaped dark yellow metallic crystal structure, dotted by small brownish-orange crystals across its surface. It is usually sitting at ground level, making it relatively easy to mine.

Bismor pieces use the same model as Nitra , Croppa , Enor Pearl, Jadiz, Umanite, and Hollomite. In fact, they appear very similar to Nitra pieces, but have a more pale orange glow.


Bismor is common in the Dense Biozone, and scarce in the Salt Pits, Crystalline Caverns and Hollow Bough. It cannot be located anywhere else.


  • Bismor might be named for bismuth, a metal that is usually obtained as a byproduct of refining lead or tin. The appearance of the in-game material might be a nod to bismuth vanadate[1], a distinctive bright yellow pigment used in visual arts.
  • Several of Bismor's call out voice lines are a subtle gag in reference to the fact that Bismor was for the longest time the only crafting mineral to lack call out voice lines. For example "Bismor, it feels so good to say it!" The voice lines were added in Update 29.
  • Early in development, Bismor was called "Nemonite" and "Neromite" and had a greener color.[2]