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Best Wurst Beer
Oktoberfest PP
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Event
Value Experience Points x2 multiplier per unit
Excellent! The Best Wurst Beer mug is safe! Double-time on Performance Points activated!
— Mission Control

Best Wurst Beer is a special event object that only appears during the Oktoberfest special seasonal event. They are found randomly across the biomes on Hoxxes during this event. They resemble a Best Wurst Beer mug with a sealed metal lid on top to prevent its contents from spilling out.

They can be easily identified by their faint blue glow. Once mined, they can be carried. They are treated as a heavy object so movement is slowed and the Dwarf cannot fire their weapons. Once deposited, it will grant the Players a x2 Experience Points bonus.

For more information in regards to the drink itself. It can be read here: Best Wurst Beer.


They only appear during Oktoberfest. It is considered a special event object.



  • It is highly possible that these mugs are treated more like canned drinks given the existence of a lid.