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The Azure Weald is a chilly place, every bit as hostile as the rest of Hoxxes IV - but still, we cannot deny it is oddly beautiful. Dazzling, bioluminescent clusters of lichen light up the darkness, illuminating this fertile and overgrown Region in flickering neon colors. Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security however - the Azure Weald brings to mind the deep jungle, in all its splendor and horror - and much like its terrestrial counterparts, it is absolutely not out to make friends. Kill or be killed - that is the law in this place.
— Ingame description

Azure Weald is one of the biomes of Hoxxes IV. It consists of caverns filled with pink and blue luminescent plants. It features big, open chambers, connected by tunnels filled with glowing flora, producing a soft light. The material making up the caves is durable, taking two hits to give way.



Most enemies can be encountered in the Azure Weald, including Spitball Infectors, Cave Leeches, and Glyphid Dreadnoughts.

However, the Mobula Cave Angel and Hexawing Gniffer are unique to this biome.

Biome Features[]

Item Type Description
BF p--------0--------q.png
Supportive Pillars in circle emitting light.
Provides a 50% damage reduction buff to both Dwarves and creatures inside the radius of its effect and lasts 15 seconds after leaving the area.
BF Magic Hole.png
Magic Hole
Supportive A large hole emitting bright light.
Grants low gravity and gives +30% movement speed for 15 seconds.
AW Void Basket.jpg
Void Basket
Neutral A basket like plant emitting purple light and a low humming noise.


As with every biome, some of the Ores that can be found in Azure Weald are determined by the mission type, such as Morkite and Aquarq. The crafting materials found in Azure Weald are Croppa Croppa and Umanite Umanite, with Croppa being abundant and Umanite being scarce.