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Aquarq icon.png
Resource Details
Type Primary Objective
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Objective exclusive
Value Experience Points 25 per unit

Aquarq is the primary objective in a Point Extraction, as well as "Collect Aquarqs" objective on Deep Dives. Either 7 or 10 must be collected and deposited in the Mine Head.

Aquarqs are heavy objects and must be picked up and carried by hand, or via Bosco. When carrying it a Dwarf cannot do anything but throw flares / throwables, ride ziplines. It gives a 25% movement speed penalty (sprinting is also disabled). It can be dropped by throwing, using the [FIRE] or [MINE] key, which are LMB and RMB by default respectively. Switching weapons or using the Laser Pointer will also cause your character to drop the Aquarq.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

As it appears in-game
the blue crystals marking its location

Aquarq is a large glowing blue crystal.

The area that the crystal is buried in is dotted by small sky-blue crystals and a dim blue glow, similar to other resources hidden within the walls. Small crystals only shine when there is Aquarq nearby.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Aquarqs can be found in any biome whenever they are part of an objective.

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