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Anniversary: Two Years In Orbit
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Two years ago, we pushed the scary-looking button called "Release to Early Access", in the firm hope that Deep Rock Galactic would become the next big thing in co-op gaming. Today, we can look back at a fantastic journey where we've exceeded all our goals - not to mention the privilege of witnessing you all play and enjoy the game, while helping us spread the word on space-mining dwarves. And even more amazing to us is the fact that Deep Rock Galactic is now played and enjoyed by more players than ever, all over the world. This calls for some celebration!

Cheers, The Ghost Ship Crew

— DRG Update Page

Anniversary: Two Years In Orbit was released on the 27th February 2020, one day before the second year anniversary of Deep Rock Galactic's early access launch.

Update Changes[]

New Bosco paintjobs[]

Bosco now has Paintjobs to unlock in addition to Frameworks, to celebrate the little drone's importance to the operation. Owners of the Supporter Update will receive a special Gilded Paintjob for him, and all players will gain access to four additional new Paintjobs as they upgrade Bosco: Abyssal Frost, Scorched, Corporate Mint, and Primal Blood.

Space Rig Decorations[]

Main article: Seasonal Events

The Space Rig received a slew of anniversary decorations. They decorations were added on the 27th February 2020 and removed on the 12th March 2020.

Second Year Anniversary Hat[]

The "The 2-Year Party Hat" became available in the accessory shop for a week.

Misc. & Fixes[]

  • Added final countdown to Iron Will Activation, when the entire team is down
  • Fixed potential crash
  • Made mission select monitors work on client + late join
  • Fixed Dash sound activation being too loud