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Alien Fossil
Fossil icon.png
Resource Details
Type Secondary Objective
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Value Xp icon.png 3 per unit

The Alien Fossil is a secondary objective found in all mission types. 10 must be collected in order to complete the objective.

Completing the objective gives 900 Xp icon.png and 200 Credit.png , which are both affected by Hazard Bonus.


As it appears in-game
Fossil Dark.png
As it appears in-game in the darkness.

Alien fossils appear as a fossil of a creature that seems to resemble an Ammonite, embedded in brown rock. The "creature" on the fossil can also be seen in the dark, although barely.


Fossils can be found in any environment. They appear on walls and ceilings, sometimes making their collection difficult.


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