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Trozo de tirana
Tyrant shard icon.png
Detalles del recurso
Tipo Bonus Resource
Dureza 0 (Recogido directamente)
Rareza Extremadamente raro
Valor Credit.png 350 por unidad
Experience Points 500 por unidad

El trozo de tirana es uno de los objetos disponibles en Deep Rock Galactic


Tirana (trozo) is an object dropped by Korlok Tyrant-Weeds when defeated. It is a heavy object and must be picked up and carried by hand, or via Bosco. When carrying it a dwarf cannot do anything but throw flares / throwables, ride ziplines, and move with a 25% speed penalty (Sprinting is also disabled). It can be dropped by switching weapons or using the Laser Pointer, it can also be thrown far away by holding the [FIRE] key ("Left Mouse Click" by default) before releasing it.


The Tyrant Shard is a large resource resembling the core of a Korlok Tyrant-Weed with glowing white spikes stemming from a glowing green base.