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El q'ronar joven es una de las criaturas que aparecerán en Deep Rock Galactic.

Los q'ronar jóvenes tienen todas las características detestables de sus miembros adultos, excepto por el hecho de que aún no han desarrollado la capacidad de lanzar esputos ácidos o no tienen un blindaje tan resistente como los ejemplares adultos. Mátalos tan pronto los veas.
~ Descripción del Manual del Minero

Descripción[ | ]

Esta criatura solo aparecerá en los Pozos de Sal.

  • Tiene dos formas: enroscado y desenroscado. Cambia entre ellas sin seguir un patrón fijo
  • Mientras está enroscado, rodará a gran velocidad y embestirá a los jugadores, infligiéndoles daño basado en la velocidad que lleven y derribándolos (3.5 - 7 de daño)
  • Mientras esté enroscado, su cuerpo estará oculto aunque no completamente protegido frente al daño
  • Mientras está desenroscado, descansará antes de volver a rodar
  • Se mueven en grupos de 2-5 y son mucho más pequeños que su variante adulta
  • Solo tiene blindaje ligero (-50% de daño)
  • Cada placa de blindaje tiene 5 puntos de salud y puede destruirse si se inflige suficiente daño
  • Resistencias (al rodar o estar quieto): fuego (30%), frío (30%), electricidad (75%), explosivos (75%)
  • Debilidad (al rodar o estar quieto): ninguna
  • Resistencia (boca abierta): ninguna
  • Debilidades (boca abierta): fuego (50%), frío (70%)

As the name suggests, the Youngling is a juvenile version of the Q'ronar Shellback. It retains the same body shape but is much smaller and differs in color. The chitinous plating on its back is white and has a soft, chalky appearence while its underbelly is a deep red.

Younglings follow a similar behaviour to their mature counterparts. They have two different forms of behaviour - walking and rolling. They will spawn in a rolling state. While rolling they can use their bodies as weapons, building up momentum to crash into the Dwarves or leap off terrain high into the air. Their mobility is even better than a fully grown Shellback, as they are smaller and lighter, allowing them to build up speed more easily.

Their armor is very soft and will not fully block attacks, instead only reducing a portion of a shot's full damage - similar to the armor found on Glyphid Grunts. While small and highly mobile, it doesn't take much firepower to kill one. Younglings will often spawn in groups. Sometimes, a Youngling group will be accompanied by a Shellback, but this is rare.

On top of their less developed armor plating, Younglings don't yet have their Acid Spit attack they have as adults. Therefore while walking they are essentially defenceless, as they have no attacks while in this mode. They also lack the damage resistances they receive while rolling.

While standing, they will occasionally open their "mouths" on their underbellies. While this is not a weakpoint, in this state they will take 50% extra damage from Fire damage and 70% extra damage from Ice damage. Furthermore, their eye stalks count as a weakspot and will receive 200% damage from all sources, but it's a very tricky weakspot to hit while they're rolling. Luckily, due to their soft armor and low health, targeting the weakspot isn't really necessary.

Estadísticas[ | ]


  • ---


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Punto débil:

  • Ojos (200 % de daño)
  • Punta de la cola (200 % de daño)

Consejos y trucos[ | ]

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Combate[ | ]

Health and Armor[ | ]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
1 2 3 4 5
Player Count 1-4 70 100 110 120 120

Attacks[ | ]

Rolling Strike
Direct Attack
Damage Amount Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 3.5 4.9 8.4 14 19.6 8.4 10.5 16.1 19.6 21
Dwarfcount2 3.5 5.6 9.1 15.05 21 9.1 11.2 17.15 21 22.4
Dwarfcount3 3.5 6.3 9.8 16.1 22.4 9.8 11.9 18.2 22.4 23.8
Dwarfcount4 3.5 7 10.5 17.5 23.8 10.5 12.6 19.6 23.8 25.2
Damage Type Typeless

Tips[ | ]

  • Younglings are not fully immune to Electrocution unlike how their matured counterparts are, meaning they are vulnerable to slowdown from electrical attacks. By default, this makes the Voltaic SMG great for crippling a Youngling's mobility.
  • Sentry Guns are easily capable of tracking a Youngling and unlike fully grown Shellbacks, their armor will not protect them from the sentry's fire.
  • The Deepcore GK2 is a great tool for killing Younglings. Firing in short, controlled bursts will keep the gun accurate and allow you to focus down Younglings from a safe distance, while the gun has the damage necessary to break through their soft shells with ease.
  • The M1000 Classic can instantly kill a Youngling with a single Focus Shot if it hits them in a non-armored section while they are stationary. It can also deal respectable damage to them while rolling, but it requires highly trained aim to hit them in this state.
  • The Powered Minigun can tear a Youngling to shreds in less than a second, but since it needs to fire for a couple of seconds before reaching maximum accuracy, you may waste a lot of ammo while trying to track a Youngling down. Focus on close-ranged threats before eventually switching to the Younglings.
  • The CRSPR and Cryo Cannon have a natural benefit against the Younglings while they are stationary, but hitting them with these weapons whilst they are rolling is next to impossible.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Q'Ronar Younglings are found exclusively in the Salt Pits biome. It is stated that the salt in the biome's terrain is essential to the development of a Shellback's hard chitin. This may suggest a diet primary consisting of salty minerals, such as the large white outcroppings found all throughout the Salt Pits.
  • The Salt Pits is located in the middle of the Mission Selection Terminal's diagram of Planet Hoxxes, surrounded on all sides geographically by other biomes. It is likely that Q'ronar Younglings grow into Q'ronar Shellbacks, then migrate to other biomes once they mature.

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