Icon dwarf

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{{icon dwarf}} is used to insert icon images of dwarf portraits. By default, the icon will link to that dwarf's class page (minus Mission Control).


  • {{icon dwarf|Scout}} creates Scout portrait.png
  • {{icon dwarf|Scout|25px}} creates Scout portrait.png
  • {{icon dwarf|Scout|link=}} creates Scout portrait.png
  • {{icon dwarf|Scout|extra=middle}} creates Scout portrait.png


  • Driller portrait.png — Driller
  • Engineer portrait.png — Engineer
  • Gunner portrait.png — Gunner
  • Scout portrait.png — Scout
  • Mission control portrait.png — Mission control


  • Default icon size is 50px, and will align to the bottom of text.
  • The extra parameter can be used for additional image formatting options.
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