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Pistola de ráfaga BRT7
GearGraphic BurstPistol
Detalles del equipo
Tipo Pistola
Usada por: Artillero
Ranura Secundaria
Disponibilidad Se desbloquea
Más preciso que un subfusil y con el poder de ataque de una escopeta pequeña, la BRT (o "Burt", como a veces se la llama) es muy apreciada entre coleccionistas y usuarios por igual.
~ Descripción del objeto

Descripción[ | ]

La pistola de ráfaga BRT7 (también conocida como el "Burt") es el arma secundaria alternativa del artillero. It is a handgun with a long barrel and a slender profile. The weapon's magazines are stored internally, and the port is accessed by pulling the knob above the weapon's handle to reveal it.

The Burt fires three bullets in a rapid burst with one pull of the trigger. One burst of bullets all follow the same spread pattern, though rapid fire with the weapon will cause bursts to fly in random directions. At base level, eight bursts can be fired before needing to reload.

The Burt carries a plentiful amount of reserve ammo and can be modified to be a highly adaptable sidearm which performs well in a variety of situations. Careful aim with the Burt can be lethal, as one burst is usually enough to take down smaller enemies like Glyphid Grunts. The weapon also remains decently accurate and has limited spread growth, allowing it to be accurate even on the move. It even comes with a small base level of armour breaking bonus.

Although the Burt is powerful, it deals much less damage compared to the "Bulldog" Heavy Revolver, with a lower per-shot damage and reduced range. However, some players may be more attracted to the Burt due to its more forgiving operations and much better fit as a sidearm, compared to the grey area the Bulldog finds itself in. The Burt's larger magazine size and reserve ammo pool are also particularly handy on higher Hazard Levels, an advantage the Bulldog cannot claim. Asides from lower damage however, the Burt is a relatively flawless weapon – while by no means an exceptional firearm, its adaptability makes it excellent for all manner of situations in the depths of Hoxxes IV.

Icons Campaign Unlocked through an assignment.
Requires Gunner Level 15

Purchased for:
Plantilla:Price table

Initial Stats
Daño 20
Tamaño de cargador 24
Ammo máx. 120
Cadencia de tiro
(por segundo)
Tiempo de recarga 2.2s
Bonif. de Armor Breaking 50%
Burst Size 3
Burst Speed 0.05 (U24)

Modifications[ | ]

There are five tiers and each tier has up to three upgrades, only one upgrade can be equipped per tier.

Gunner Upgrades
Mod Effect Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral
High Velocity Rounds
+2 Damage. The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade Aim
Floating Barrel
-30% Base Spread

-40% Spread Per Shot

Sweet, sweet optimization. We called in a few friends and managed to significantly improve the stability of this gun. Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade BulletPenetration
Blowthrough Rounds
+1 Max Penerations Shaped projectiles designed to over-penetrate targets with a minimal loss of energy. In other words: Fire straight through an enemy! Plantilla:Price table
Tier 2
Level 6
Icon Upgrade Recoil
Recoil Dampener
x0.5 Recoil Quality engineering, the best laser cut parts, the tender loving care of a dedicated R&D Department. The recoil of your gun is drastically reduced. Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade Speed
Quickfire Ejector
-0.7 Reload Time Experience, training, and a couple of under-the-table design "adjustments" means your gun can be reloaded significantly faster. Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade FireRate
Disabled Safety
+3 Rate of Fire Shorter Delay between bursts Plantilla:Price table
Tier 3
Level 10
Icon Upgrade ClipSize
High Capacity Magazine
+12 Clip Size The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks... You can always get bigger variants. Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral
Increased Caliber Rounds
+3 Damage The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased. Plantilla:Price table
Tier 4
Level 14
Icon Upgrade ArmorBreaking
Penetrating Rounds
+200% Armor Break Bonus We're proud of this one. Armor shredding. Tear through that high-impact plating of those big buggers like butter. What could be finer? Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade Ammo
Expanded Ammo Bags
+72 Max Ammo You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased! Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade Weakspot
Hollow-Point Bullets
+40% Weakspot Damage Bonus Hit 'em where it hurts! Literally! We've upped the damage you'll be able to do to any creatures fleshy bits. You're welcome. Plantilla:Price table
Tier 5
Level 18
Icon Upgrade Stun
Burst Stun
+3 Burst Stun Duration Stun target if all shots in a burst hit Plantilla:Price table
Icon Upgrade FireRate
Longer Burst
+3 Burst Size Fire more rounds in each burst Plantilla:Price table

Overclocks[ | ]

BRT7 Burst Fire Gun
Type Overclock Effect Description Price
Icon Upgrade FireRate
Composite Casings
+36 Max Ammo
+1 Rate of Fire
Lighter rounds that permit a shorter delay between bursts and you can carry a few more of them as well. What's not to like? Credit 7950 Credits

Croppa 140 Croppa
Enor pearl 75 Enor Pearl
Magnite 100 Magnite

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral
Full Chamber Seal
+1 Damage
-0.2 Reload Time
Meticulous sealing lets you get a bit more power out of each round and the attention to detail improves how easily the magazine slots in. Credit 7850 Credits

Bismor 120 Bismor
Jadiz 75 Jadiz
Magnite 110 Magnite

Icon Overclock ChangeOfHigherDamage
Homebrew Powder
+Randomized Damage
(between x0.8 and x1.4 damage)
More damage on average but it's a bit inconsistent. Credit 8050 Credits

Bismor 125 Bismor
Magnite 75 Magnite
Umanite 105 Umanite

Icon Upgrade Ammo
Compact Mags
+72 Max Ammo
-1 Rate of Fire
+0.4 Reload Time
You can carry even more ammo but the rate of fire needs to be toned back to avoid a jam and please take more care while reloading. Credit 7350 Credits

Magnite 135 Magnite
Jadiz 75 Jadiz
Umanite 105 Umanite

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral
Experimental Rounds
+5 Damage
-36 Max Ammo
-6 Magazine Size
A new shape to the bullet delivers a lot more damage but it's odd size means fewer rounds in the clip and a bit less ammo overall. Credit 8550 Credits

Magnite 130 Magnite
Jadiz 75 Jadiz
Enor pearl 100 Enor Pearl

Icon Upgrade Electricity
Electro Minelets
+Electro Minelets
-3 Damage
-6 Magazine Size
After impacting terrain, these high-tech bullets convert in to electro-minelets that will electrocute anything unfortunate enough to come close. However they don't last forever and the rounds themselves take more space in the clip and deal less direct damage. Credit 7450 Credits

Umanite 120 Umanite
Enor pearl 80 Enor Pearl
Jadiz 95 Jadiz

Icon Overclock SmallBullets
Micro Fletchettes
+144 Max Ammo
+24 Magazine Size
x0.5 Recoil
-20% Spread per Shot
x0.5 Damage
Convert the BRT to fire small flechettes instead of slugs. Increases overall ammo and clip size as well as reducing recoil but at the cost of pure damage. Credit 7650 Credits

Magnite 130 Magnite
Bismor 80 Bismor
Jadiz 100 Jadiz

Skins[ | ]

Full gallery of skins can be seen at Weapon Skins.

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