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El perforadozer (también llamado Dozer, o apodado "Doretta" por los enanos) es un vehículo automatizado de gran tamaño, que se desplegará durante las misiones de Tareas de Escolta].

El perforadozer es de color amarillo principalmente, y tiene dos motores montados en sus laterales, además de la gigantesca perforadora en su morro. Tiene también dos tanques de combustible externos, que pueden extraerse y usarse para extraer combustible de vetas cercanas. Se moverá con facilidad bajo la tierra usando sus orugas, aunque también cuenta con unos pequeños propulsores para breves momentos de flotabilidad para alcanzar sus objetivos. Se comunica con los enanos a través de sonidos robóticos de tono alto.

Al contrario que con otros objetivos importantes para misiones, el perforadozer no tiene un compartimento móvil en la cápsula de transporte. Por otro lado, el M.U.L.A. también se usará en esta misión, funcionando de la manera tradicional y teniendo su propio compartimento para ser cargado en la cápsula.

Jugabilidad[ | ]

Dozer in drop

Perforadozer dentro de su jaula de descenso, esperando a ser liberado

Once the Dwarves and the M.U.L.E. have exited the Drop Pod, the Drilldozer will be delivered to the dig site separately via a Heavy Cargo Drop a few moments later - Mission Control will announce its arrival. It must be activated before it will start moving.

The Drilldozer's purpose is to lead a path to, and eventually extract, an Ommoran Heartstone. The Dozer is not outfitted with any kind of defensive utility, leaving it up to the Dwarves to keep it safe using their weapons. Since creating a path to the Heartstone manually is wholly unfeasible, protecting the Dozer is a necessity.

The Dozer's mining speed is influenced by the amount of creatures surrounding it, and it will slow until stationary if it is swarmed. For this reason (on top of Doretta's natural vulnerability) it is imperative for the team to remain by Doretta's side at all times, maintaining a watchful vigil over it while it creates the path to the Heartstone.

Doretta[ | ]

Doretta tiene un total de 520 de salud, dividida en tres secciones diferentes: el motor derecho, el motor izquierdo y el núcleo. Cada motor tiene ~Plantilla:Hoverover de salud, mientras que el núcleo tiene ~Plantilla:Hoverover de salud.
No matter where it is hit the left engine will always take damage first, followed by the right one, and eventually the core.
It can be repaired if it takes damage - by default this is achieved by holding the E key over the damaged side. The Dwarves will repair the Dozer for approximately 10-15% of its HP for every second spent repairing, reduced if under attack. It takes 10% friendly fire damage no matter the difficulty.
It has a 50% Explosion resistance, 50% Radiation resistance and 25% Poison resistance.
Doretta will move at 2m/s while drilling, 2.5m/s if only dwarfs are present, but only at 1.5m/s while being attacked. If a section’s health is fully depleted it is destroyed and the drilldozer is permanently damaged. Any damage exceeding a section health will not carry over to the next section. Mission Control will chastise the Dwarves if the Dozer ever sustains permanent damage, alongside UI elements indicating the Dozer is in danger. If Doretta is destroyed at any point before the Heartstone is extracted, the mission is considered a failure.

Repostando combustible[ | ]

Fuel tank in use

A player using the Dozer's fuel tanks to siphon an Oil Shale.

At least once per mission, the Dozer will run out of fuel. Two red fuel tanks will pop out of the back of the machine when this happens, and the Dwarves must use them to extract fuel from nearby Oil Shale clusters.

Oil Shale spawns on walls in large cuboid chunks somewhat similar in shape and distribution to Bismor. It has an abnormally high resistance to mining and explosives, and is the only mineral type in the entire game to require four strikes of the Pickaxe to be turned into a loose resource chunk. Unlike other materials it is not required to be broken with the Pickaxe nor can it be added to a Dwarf's inventory or deposited to the M.U.L.E. - rather the Dwarves can simply use the fuel tanks' laser siphon to refuel Doretta. Once a tank is fully loaded, it can be re-inserted back into the Dozer. Once both tanks are fuel, the Dwarves can restart the Dozer and it will continue on its path.

The Dozer's fuel consumption rate is not influenced by its movement speed or mining - it is set to run out after digging a couple of tunnels, whereupon it will usually stop in the center of a large room. Some missions will require two fuel stops on the journey to the Heartstone. While these stops are necessary to fill up the Dozer, they are also good opportunities for the Dwarves to gather valuable resources such as Gold and Nitra.

Corarroca[ | ]

Drilldozer at hearthstone

The Drilldozer having arrived at the site of the Ommoran Heartstone. It is waiting to commence extraction.

The Drilldozer will conclude its journey at the site of the Ommoran Heartstone. When activated, the Dozer will start using its drill to bash the outer shell repeatedly, breaking through multiple layers of the shell until the Heartstone itself is exposed. The Heartstone site will react violently to being disturbed, and will take multiple measures to try and destroy the Dozer (and by extension, the Dwarves).

Molly hearthstone

The M.U.L.E. with the Ommoran Heartstone strapped to its back, as it is too large to fit inside the Molly herself.

Fase I: Guaranteed swarm trigger.

Fase II: Summons floating rocks to slam into Doretta - these deal extreme damage but can be destroyed before they hit the Dozer.

Fase III: No longer throws rocks but causes another guaranteed swarm trigger, with increased enemy presence

Fase IV: Starts spawning "Ommoran Beamers", large crystal towers which fire laser beams at the Dozer, dealing constant damage. The Beamers must be destroyed by either the use of a pickaxe or the Power Drills. On top of this, a slow trickle of enemies constantly spawns.

At the conclusion of Phase 4, a large shockwave will burst out of the Heartstone, killing all nearby enemies instantly. The Heartstone can then be extracted and strapped onto the back of the M.U.L.E., where the Extraction process can begin. The Drilldozer is left behind at the Extraction process, and it is not necessary to guard it while escaping.

Consejos[ | ]

  • El perforadozer es vulnerable al fuego aliado. Evita dispararlo accidentalmente mientras te encargas de los bichos que te rodean y al perforadozer.
    • In particular, practice extreme caution with weapons which have a high base damage such as the Satchel Charge, the Deepcore 40mm PGL (especially with the Fat Boy overclock) or any type of grenade (excluding non-lethal varieties such as the IFG).
  • When Doretta is carving a tunnel, use the limited movement space to your team's advantage. Use throwables such as the IFG, Neurotoxin Grenade or L.U.R.E. to damage or slow many enemies at once.
  • It is not possible to mount Sentry Guns on top of the Dozer, but they do still serve as an excellent defensive utility, especially during refueling.
    • Similarly, the Shield Generator will just fall right through the Dozer and land on the floor. However with modifications to increase its maximum radius, it can still cover the Dozer effectively or at least repel any bugs which may be attacking it.
  • Doretta is capable of carrying all four Dwarves at once, which can be used as a tactical advantage (though be mindful though that server latency may result in a glitchy ride).
  • As expected, the Dozer's massive drill will instantly cut down any alien unlucky or stupid enough to get in the way while it is in transit.
  • Enemies with projectile attacks, such as the Mactera Spawn or Glyphid Acid Spitter, pose significant threats to the Dozer. Their attacks deal high damage and they can maintain relatively safe distances while attacking, the latter alien especially.
  • Large, tanky enemies with powerful melee attacks such as Glyphid Oppressors or Bulk Detonators are extreme threats to the Dozer's safety. Keep them away from Doretta at all costs, or make use of status effects such as Electrocution or Neurotoxin to slow them down.

Información adicional[ | ]

  • Doretta (y, por extensión, el modo de juego en el que se incluye, la Tarea de Escolta) se lanzó en el juego en la versión 32 del juego.
  • Los enanos hablar muy bien sobre Doretta, admirando su diseño y preguntándose constantemente si podrían tener un perforadozer como ella en algún momento de sus carreras profesionales.
  • Se puede acariciar a Doretta como si fuera una mascota (hazlo pulsando la tecla E en su "cabeza", que está justo detrás de su cabeza).
  • Doretta's "head" closely resembles Bosco in many respects, such as the singular yellow eye mounted on the front.
  • It is possible to "stand" on Dorettas' drill while she is moving if you walk in the opposite direction to its rotation (not dissimilar a treadmill).

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