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~ Explorador

El movimiento es una parte esencial para recorrer las cuevas de Hoxxes IV. Movement can refer to basic inputs used to move a player's character or to specific techniques and abilities employed by the Dwarves to get around.

The "Controls" menu in the game's pause screen, showing movement controls amongst others.

Movimiento básico[ | ]

All Dwarves are capable of the same basic movement: walking (W, S, A and D for forward, backwards, left and right respectively), jumping (space bar), sprinting (shift key) etc.. Dwarves move at approximately 3m a second when walking and 5m a second when sprinting; certain modifications and Perks can be used to improve movespeed. Dwarves can reload their weapons when sprinting, and when jumping, a Dwarf rises approximately 1.2m high. When the player is in air and the Dwarf is touching a vertical surface they are within eye level of, they will grab the ledge and pull themselves up, commonly referred to as "Ledge Grab". This can only be done once until the Dwarf touches the ground again. The Dwarves have fairly fluid air control and can alter their direction when falling.

Equipment[ | ]

All four Dwarves bring utility equipment with them which aids them to get around the caves when running, jumping and climbing won't cut it. In addition, some Weapon Overclocks can also increase their mobility.

Driller portrait
The Driller can use his Titanium Powerdrills to effortlessly dig through any material found on Hoxxes IV. He can use this to create pathways, destroy obstructions or even dig into the side of a wall while in flight to create a safe pocket to stand in. His Remote Explosives can also be used to quickly clear out space with a bang.
Engineer portrait
The Engineer has his Platform Gun which fires yellow projectiles that quickly expand into platforms when they collide with the world. These platforms are made out of a material called Plascrete which is stable but easily broken by pickaxes, allowing for its quick removal. The Platform Gun is best used to aid jumping across small gaps, patch up holes or to provide a stable platform to stand on when extracting materials out of areas which have no stable ground, such as high up on walls. The Deepcore 40mm PGL's RJ250 Compound Overclock can be equipped to enable Quake-style rocket jumping, increasing the mobility of the Engineer and his teammates at the expense of some damage.
Gunner portrait
The Gunner has a Zipline Launcher which he can use to create a re-usable zipline which any Dwarf can use, which are particularly invaluable in game modes such as Salvage Operation and Point Extraction. The ziplines are indestructible and have a maximum reach of thirty meters by default, but are limited by an operational angle and a low amount of ziplines which can be carried. It is also possible for enemies with projectile attacks – such as Mactera Spawn - to shoot the Dwarves and knock them off the line, potentially to their doom.
Scout portrait
The Scout carries his own Grappling Hook which can instantly carry him to any location he desires (within its range, of course). With unlimited uses and only a short cooldown required between shots, the Grappling Hook is a powerful movement tool and makes the Scout by far the most mobile of the four Dwarves. The Special Powder Overclock for the Jury-Rigged Boomstick can be equipped to enable additional mid-air jumps.