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Mina de proximidad
Throwable Proximity Mine.png
Detalles del equipo
Tipo Arma arrojadiza
Usada por: Ingeniero
Disponibilidad Se desbloquea

La mina de proximidad es un arma arrojadiza desbloqueable para el ingeniero.

A timeless classic. Sticks to any surface and explodes shortly after an enemy enters its trigger area. And if it fails to find a target, it can be safely disarmed and retrieved. Note: proximity trigger requires a few seconds for calibration.
~ Item Description


Este arma es una mina esférica con un tirador de anilla de gran tamaño en su parte superior. Al arrojar la contra una superficie, se expandirá varios nodos alargados de los agujeros de su superficie, que actúan como sensores de movimiento. La mina proyectará un círculo amarillo holografico que representa el radio de detección de enemigos (tras lo cual detonará generando una gran explosión, de forma similar a las cargas de morral).

Siendo un arma arrojadiza que requiere mucha más planificación que otras similares, la mina de proximidad es la mejor elección para controlar determinadas zonas. Se podrá pegar a cualquier superficie sobre la que la lances, permitiéndote un control efectivo de pasillos estrechos y zonas complejas en las que es difícil obtener buenos ángulos de lanzamiento y rebote de las granadas. Cuando una criatura enemiga atraviese el radio de detección, la detonación será instantánea. Cada mina ouede explotar hasta 4 veces antes de desactivarse, siendo una elección excepcional para misiones donde esperas cierto flujo de enemigos por las mismas zonas (como en las de Punto de Extracción y permitiéndote ahorrar municiones. The resulting explosion is large in radius and high in damage; one mine can deal 440 damage in its lifetime.

Due to its defensive playstyle, this is an excellent grenade to bring to Point Extraction and Salvage Operation where it can be used guard the team from oncoming threats. It won't always kill when it explodes, but it is excellent for weakening enemies as they approach. You can also throw some out when a Swarm is announced to shut down chokepoints and guarantee lots of damage to oncoming enemies. Prox Mines also have a moderate Fear Factor, with creatures on the edge of the explosion fleeing if they survive the blast.

Although the Prox Mine is very powerful it has some noteworthy flaws. The long arming time makes it ineffective in active combat, and it will often be faster for another teammate to use their grenade to clear a horde than wait for the mine to arm (thankfully, mines can be disarmed and recovered by holding the Use key on them when they are armed). There is also a delay between explosions of a few seconds. Most notably, small creatures like Glyphid Swarmers are not able to set off the motion sensors on the mine and will slip by undetected. Finally, the mines will despawn after three minutes once they have detonated for the first time, so their usage must be carefully considered to prevent a "set it and forget it" strategy.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Engineer Level 10

Purchased for:
Credit.png 3400 Credits
Enor pearl 20 Enor Pearl

Initial Stats
Daño en área 110
Radio de Effect 6
Carried Amount 4
Arming Time 3

Usage & Strategies[]

Proximity Mine Demonstration

  • Set up the Engineer's Sentry Gun in conjunction with the Prox Mines to take out smaller enemies who can slip by the mines, or to finish off weakened foes.
  • You can also throw them around the Minehead in Point Extraction, where the automated guns on the Minehead will finish off small foes.
  • Works best with utility which can manipulate enemy movement, such as the Repellant Additive modification for the Platform Gun or the Pheromone Canister.
  • You can have more than four mines in existence at once if you collect more mines at a Resupply Pod and throw them out.
  • Allied Dwarves cannot trigger the mine, but they can be damaged in the resulting explosion.

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