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Fecha de lanzamiento[ | ]

  • Deep Rock Galactic 1.0 was announced to release on May 13th.
  • Deep Rock Galactic was released in Early Access on Steam, the Windows 10 Store, and Xbox One Game Preview on February 28, 2018, with two Downloadable Content available on the Steam Store page.

Early Access FAQ[ | ]

  • ¿Por qué un Acceso Anticipado?

“Our primary focus is on crafting an awesome co-op experience, and to do that we wanted to get the game into the hand of players as soon as possible. This type of game would be extremely difficult to develop in a vacuum, and our players are an invaluable part of our process. Simply by playing the game and taking part in the development discussion, they will provide us with assistance while we flesh out the full thing, add new features, and move further into things like balancing and feedback”

  • Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“When we launched in Early Access in February 2018, we estimated that we would stay in early access somewhere between 1 to 2 years. We feel like the game is shaping up nicely, thanks to the feedback and support from our community, and we’re aiming at having the 1.0 version of the game released during 2019.”

  • How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Since we launched in Early Access, we’ve added a TON of features and content based on player feedback, including

    • New and redesigned game modes
    • New and improved biomes and environmental hazards
    • Weapon and upgrade redesign including 8 all-new weapons, and an overhaul of weapon models and animations
    • Added a campaign and promotions system
    • Added 4 all-new enemies
    • Added a perk system, mission mutators, and a temperature system
    • Added LOTS of quality-of-life features based on community feedback
    • Opened a bar and introduced beers
    • PLUS: new voice lines, tweaks, buffs, animations and fixes

We still want to add more enemies, a system of daily adventures, customization of Bosco, more levels of difficulty, exploration mode, the lore terminal, a redesign our Space Rig and more before the game is ready for 1.0.”

  • What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Most of the game’s systems have been fleshed out around the core of Deep Rock Galactic experience: teaming up as badass dwarves, exploring procedurally generated cave systems, fighting monsters, and digging gold. Some systems, like exploration mode and the lore terminal, are still missing, but even without those, the current version is a rich experience.

  • By purchasing the Early Access version, you will have access to
    • Multiplayer co-op for 2-4 players
    • 4 highly unique dwarf character classes with individual play styles and weapon builds
    • Single-player with the aid of the drone Bosco
    • Procedurally generated cave systems with endless variation
    • Loads of high-octane co-op shooting and exploration gameplay
  • Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We expect the price for the full release of Deep Rock Galactic to be higher than the price for Early Access.”

  • How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We're a team of veteran developers and have all spent years on productions you weren't allowed to talk about until the game was released. So right from the outset, it was decided that Deep Rock Galactic should be a product of OPEN development.

We want to foster a community that will encourage people to interact directly with us, ensure that their feedback is listened to and considered properly, and to produce the very best co-op experience we can. This will happen through a number of channels, primary of which are the Steam community forums, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. While we cannot in any way guarantee that all suggestions will become part of the game, we will absolutely strive for listening to and acknowledging any and all feedback.


Hi Miners

This is it!

On the 13th of May, two weeks from now, we can all celebrate the launch of 1.0 of Deep Rock Galactic!

Before we head into the details on ALL the things that are happening today, the next two weeks and on launch (and beyond), we first need to thank all of you for supporting us. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning of Closed Alpha back in late 2016. Some of you have joined in since Early Access Launch in February 2018. And some of you just recently joined the ranks. But all of you should be proud of what we have accomplished together in the true dwarven spirit of a co-op first game. Deep Rock Galactic is today owned by more than 1 MILLION players and daily played by more than thirty thousand people. This keeps blowing our minds so much that we hardly have any cells left to think with!

So, from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

Now, what will happen today?


First of all, we just released a press release with the launch date news. So we expect to see some news pop up later today and tomorrow on our launch day announcement. Included in the press release are some important news on the release itself. We have decided to stick to the price we set a year ago (29.99 USD), so the game will NOT increase in price for launch. We believe that the current price is a good entry point and makes it easy to get new players to try out the game.


The new soundtrack will be added to the existing Soundtrack as a Volume II. As this adds more than 50 minutes of music, we will at launch increase the price on the Soundtrack a bit from 7.99 USD to 9.99 USD. So, if you are considering buying the soundtrack, now would be a good time.

At launch, we will also release two new cosmetic-only, no-gameplay DLCs. Together with the game itself, those two DLCs, named MegaCorp and Dark Future, will constitute the Deluxe Edition of the game. This will be set up using Steam’s user-friendly Bundle format, so if you already own the game, you still get a small discount on buying the DLCs together. During the next two weeks, we will release more information about the content of the Deluxe Edition, but for now, we can tell that it includes a brand new Weapon Framework for all 16 weapons as well as a unique Armor Framework for all four dwarves.


Along with the press release, we have premiered a brand new trailer, produced in-house at Ghost Ship Games. We have for a long time felt that we lacked a good video to showcase the game to new players and simply tell what it is all about. And who better to do that than Mission Control himself?

You can watch the video here and we encourage you to share this video to spread the word on the upcoming 1.0 Launch of Deep Rock Galactic


Speaking of trailers, we have now finally watched and evaluated all the entrants to the competition. More than 200 trailers were submitted and we’ve been absolutely humbled with amazing quality and creativity in the videos. Initially, we only had prizes for Top 4, but we clearly needed to expand that. Therefore we decided to give away the two soon-to-launch cosmetic-only Deluxe Edition DLCs to all who contributed with a trailer! We also decided to award the Top 40 even more. Instead of just one set of DLCs, every participant in Top 40, receives four sets of the 2 DLCs in the upcoming Deluxe Edition.

But who won, you might ask? That is not disclosed just yet. We have selected a ranked Top 15, and each day up to launch, we will showcase a video and slowly count down ending with the runner-ups and the winner on the day before launch day. You can look forward to some amazing trailers - ranking them has not been easy.

To start this off, we have created a playlist with videos in the Top 40 that did not make the cut into Top 15. These videos are not ranked but can be viewed in this playlist.


In the live build on Steam (that is Update 29), we have activated a special gift for all of you. During these 2+ years of Early Access, we have created some limited runs of special vanity hats for Oktoberfest, Halloween, X-Mas, Yearly Anniversary, Steam Free Weekend, and Steam Awards. Some of you missed those and some of you missed the weird thing that you had to claim them for each character. From today, and until the 12th of May, you can claim them ALL with one simple click. Go CLAIM!


Today, we also uploaded the upcoming 1.0 build of the game to the Experimental Branch. The 1.0 launch build includes the 14 new music tracks, Prestige Assignments, and 3 new Promotion Ranks as well as a long list of bug fixes, some QoL improvements, and quite a bit of optimizations. We hope quite a few of you will help us test the 1.0 build and report bugs, so we can have the best build possible for all the new players at launch. Read about how to get into the Experimental Branch here. And the patch notes for the 1.0 Experimental build can be found here.

  • BEYOND 1.0

After we launch 1.0 of Deep Rock Galactic, we, at Ghost Ship Games, will continue to support and expand the game. Expect major updates with focus on new content for the game. We aim to release an updated roadmap a few weeks after the launch with more details on what to come. The important message here is that the journey has just begun!


For the coming two weeks up to launch, we will do our best to create hype and attention around the game. But we will need your help as well. There is nothing more powerful than a community of like-minded people that all work together. Help us spread the word and together we will give Deep Rock Galactic the best launch ever. One way of really helping out is by sharing and posting in communities outside of Deep Rock Galactic. Another way is to stream the game and watch others stream the game. And, as always, just play the game and take good care of the Greenbeards.

It is finally time to say ROCK AND STONE to the world!


Ghost Ship crew

Críticas sobre el juego[ | ]

Las críticas sobre el juego, a día de hoy, son limitadas dado el poco tiempo transcurrido desde el lanzamiento oficial del mismo. Por el momento, caben destacar puntuaciones como un 4/5 (80 %) de ImpulseGamer. [1]

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