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Estratos Glaciales
Glacial strata preview.png
Dureza de roca 2 (media)
Archivo:Icon.png Magnita (Abundante)
Archivo:Icon.png Umanita (escaso)
Peligro(s) único(s) Blizzard, Cold Vent, Cryo Bomb, Crevasse, Unstable Icicle
Tipo(s) único(s) de enemigo Ice Enemy Variations, Naedocyte Shocker
Al menos uno de nuestro xenogeólogos abandonó furioso su puesto de trabajo cuando se comenzó a investigar en esta región. En lugar de tener superficies polares convencionales, y en contra de todas las leyes de la física conocidas, las placas continentales de Hoxxes descansan sobre una capa de permafrost planetario de varios kilómetros de profundidad. Y como siempre, DRG recomienda "no preguntar" cuando se trata de las peculiaridades de la composición de Hoxxes.
~ Descripción del juego

Los Estratos Glaciales son uno de los biomas de Hoxxes IV, y se encuentra en la zona noroeste del planeta. Los Estratos Glaciales consisten en una zona amplia recubierta de hielos perpetuos subterráneos.


Este bioma pondrá a prueba tu capacidad para gestionar tu temperatura; si no lo consigues, acabarás congelado. Cuando la temperatura de un enano alcanza el punto más bajo, quedará congelado: le será imposible moverse y cambiará la cámara a una visión de tercera persona. Dwarves can unfreeze themselves by alternate mashing their move left and right keys, but it is much slower than two subsequent hits from a teammate's pickaxe.

The Glacial Strata are home to quite a few unique hazards which can leave an unprepared miner trapped or downed at a moments notice.

  • Green stalactites filled with algae can be found on the ceiling of many caves. They similar to Unstable Crystals in the Salt Pits, and will deal large amounts of damage to anything they fall on.
  • Crevices may open up under areas that players recently passed over, possibly temporarily trapping less mobile dwarves. Crevices can be particularly dangerous if opened during swarms.
  • Ice vents occasionally blast cold air capable of rapidly decreasing a dwarf's temperature meter.
  • Smooth ice will cause the player to slip around, resulting in a reduced ability to stop and reverse direction.
  • Heavy snow will impede the player's movement, preventing them from running in it. Heavy snow will also reduce fall damage when landed in, helping dwarves safely drop down from small cliffs.
  • Blizzards, similar to the Sandstorms, impede the players movement by slowing them and reduce visibility. Blizzards also gradually deplete the temperature meter until they pass.


Several enemies have a unique ice-themed variation that appears instead of their regular counterpart. Their attacks are also affected, e.g. Glyphid Frost Praetorians spew frost that can freeze dwarves solid, instead of corrosive acid. Glacial Strata enemy variants are far weaker to fire than creatures found elsewhere on Hoxxes, but are highly resistant to temperature reductions. Naedocyte Shockers are exclusive to the Glacial Strata and the Dense Biozone.

Biome Features[]

Objeto Tipo Descripción
BF Oasis.png
Supportive Warm heat vent with lush red vegetation growing in close proximity. Raises a dwarves temperature meter quickly when they are near.
BF Cryo Foamer.png
Cryo Foamer
Supportive Cyan colored plants containing a liquid. When damage sufficiently, it will burst and the liquid inside will immediately freeze horizontally, forming a stable platform to stand on.
BF Cryo Bulb.png
Cryo Bulb
Hazardous/Supportive Blue bulb plants that explode when damaged, releasing icy gas. This gas will freeze any dwarves or enemies nearby before dissipating.
BF Cold Vent.png
Cold Vent
Hazardous/Supportive Cracks in the walls periodically releasing blasts of freezing air that lowers a dwarves temperature quickly.
BF Smooth Ice.png
Smooth Ice
Hazardous/Supportive Slippery ice making dwarves slip and slide, impairing movement. Sliding speed is not restricted to a dwarf's movement speed.
BF Unstable Ice.png
Unstable Ice
Hazardous/Supportive Large green icicles jutting out of the ceiling which fall down if damaged or an explosion occurs nearby. They shatter on impact.
BF Snow.png
Deep Snow
Hazardous/Supportive Large piles of deep snow that impedes the movement of any dwarf walking through it. However, the deep snow will also reduce fall damage if landed on.
BF Blizzard.png
Hazardous Impairs vision, slows down movement and slowly freezes all dwarves in the cave. Fog will become much more dense seconds before a blizzard hits. Blizzard interval is unpredictable.
BF Crevasse Crack.png
Crevasse Crack
Hazardous Once stepped on will break into a crevasse trapping any unfortunate dwarves that fall inside. Rock platforms do form inside the crevasse for easier escape.
BF Stalacite GS.png
Neutral Small horizontal stalacites jutting out of the ceiling.

Contenidos adicionales[]

The following video is outdated footage of the developers demonstrating the various features in the region.