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Hollow Bough
Hollow bough preview.png
Dureza de roca 2 (Medium)
Jadiz Jadiz (Abundante)
Bismor Bismor (escaso)
Peligro(s) único(s)
Tipo(s) único(s) de enemigo Deeptora Bough Wasp Nest, Stabber Vine
Hollow Bough is a biological oddity that has the Science Department scratching their heads - this entire region of the planet is dominated by collosal, organic conglomerations resembling the inside of hollow trees. However, these structures are under attack by an invasive species of voracious vine-like plants, as much a threat to us as the planet itself. We recommend traversing these environs with extreme caution. The deep, dark folds of wood and bark house much more than a first glance lets on.
~ Ingame description

Hollow Bough is one of the biomes of Hoxxes IV. It is characterized by its very large rooms with dried grass, wooden walls/floors and large tree like structures. Giant red thorny vines twist and span through the area, being constant hazards. It is largely devoid of much other plant life, although some may still be spotted while traversing these caves. The walls are of average durability, taking 2 pickaxe hits to give away.


There are a few hazards exclusive to Hollow Bough.

There are passive hazards such as the Bloated Vine and Creeper Vine. These will deal damage to the player if touched. The Creeper Vine will retract if damaged, and can be destroyed it sustains enough damage. The Bloated Vine can be mined, but won't react to damage.

There are also non-passive hazards such as the Deeptora Bough Wasp Nest and the Stabber Vine. The Deeptora Bough Wasp Nest is similar to the Deeptora Honeycomb. It releases wasps that damage the player if the player walks within a certain radius of the nest. These wasps can be burnt using weapons that cause fire, such as the CRSPR Flamethrower, but will respawn until the nest is destroyed. The Stabber Vine will attack the player by stretching out its vines, tipped with a large blade. They can be disarmed by shooting the yellow formation at the base of the blade. Removing all of the vine's arms will disable the Stabber Vine.


Most enemies can be encountered in the Hollow Bough, including Spitball Infectors, Cave Leeches, and Glyphid Dreadnoughts.

However, the Stabber Vine and Deeptora Bough Wasp Nest are unique to this biome.

Biome Features

Plantilla:Hollow bough biome features


As with every biome, some of the Ores that can be found in Hollow Bough are determined by the mission type, such as Morkite and Aquarq. The crafting materials found in Hollow Bough are Jadiz Jadiz and Bismor Bismor, with Jadiz being abundant and Bismor being scarce.


  • Added with Update 33: New Frontiers on the 4th February 2021.