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Quantrite icon
Detalles del recurso
Tipo Crafting Material
Dureza Desconocido
Rareza Unknown

La cuantrita es una materia prima actualmente no disponible en el juego. It was accidentally showcased in the Mineral Trade picture on Update 12's steam page, shortly after it was replaced with a new screenshot where the resource is missing. Traces of the resource can be found within older versions of the game.

Although it's possible to spawn in a chunk, according to a developer it may have never had a proper in-game appearance or it eventually became Hollomite, whether this resource will return in any way is unknown.

Aspecto[ | ]

It appears to have been a thin, orange colored crystal with small yellow protrusions. Its chunk is a triangular orange glowing crystal.

Quantrite chunk

Chunk of Quantrite.

Mineral Trade Quantrite

Quantrite as seen in the Mineral Trade image.