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Las armas arrojadizas son armas que, pese a sus diferentes mecánicas en el juego, son lanzados hacia un punto del terreno o un enemigo para que apliquen sus efectos[1]. Cada clase tiene tres armas arrojadizas únicas entre las que poder elegir, de las cuales una de ellas está desbloqueada desde el comienzo de tu aventura en el juego, y las otras dos deben comprarse.

Existe un arma que funciona de manera similar a las analizadas en esta sección, pero que no está clasificada como "arma arrojadiza": la carga de morral del perforador.

Clase Nombre Estadísticas Descripción
Perforador Grenade axe.png
Hacha de impacto
Directo Damage 80
Area Damage 160
Efecto Radius 1,4
Cantidad máxima 8
The Impact Axe is the connoisseur choice for the dwarf of tomorrow. Compact and easy to carry, extends to full size upon throwing, and discharges a lethal burst of electricity upon impact with any living target. Can be safely retrieved by the user in case of bad aim.
Grenade he.png
Granada ACE
Area Damage 130
Daño Radius 4,3
Bonificación de Ruptura de blindaje +300%
Cantidad máxima 4
Factor de miedo +100 %
A standard high-explosive grenade with a medium kill radius. Can be used to remove dirt or bugs or both.
Grenade neurotoxin.png
Granada de neurotoxinas
Efecto Radius 7,5
Cantidad máxima 4
Releases a cloud of slow-acting toxins engineered to exclusively affect life indigenous to Hoxxes IV. WARNING: HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!
Engineer Grenade lure.png
Duración de 20s
Cantidad máxima 4
Variedad de movimientos 6
Salud del holograma 50
This Laser Utility Refraction Emitter - or L.U.R.E for short - projects a handsome hologram that will attract all nearby enemies. Be mindful to keep your distance - once the onboard shielding fails, it will unleash a devastating electrical charge.
Grenade plasma.png
Bomba de plasma
Ráfaga Area Damage 60
Efecto de ráfaga Radius 3,5
Carried Amount 4
Ráfagas 4
The Plasma Burster does more or less what you'd expect from the name. It releases 4 bursts of scorching plasma in rapid succession upon being thrown. Keep away from beards at all costs.
Grenade proximity.png
Mina de proximidad
Area Damage 110
Efecto Radius 6
Cantidad máxima 4
Tiempo de preparación 3
A timeless classic. Sticks to any surface and explodes shortly after an enemy enters its trigger area. And if it fails to find a target, it can be safely disarmed and retrieved. Note: proximity trigger requires a few seconds for calibration.
Artillero Grenade sticky.png
Granada adherente
Area Damage 130
Efecto Radius 4
Mult. de miedo Impacto 250%
Mult. de miedo por Explosión 100%
Cantidad máxima 4
Will stick to any surface or creature, and then explode after a short time. Sometimes keeping it simple is best.
Grenade incendiary.png
Granada incendiaria
Daño Radius 4,3
Carried Amount 4
One of our most popular "handle with care" items. Will explode on activation, covering a large area in roaring fire. Would almost be cozy if the flames did not burn hot enough to melt steel.
Grenade cluster.png
Granada de racimo
Bomblet Area Damage 40
Bomblet Effect Radius 3,8
Duración de Bomblet Stun 1.5s
Prob. de Bomblet Stun 50%
Cantidad máxima 4
Bomblets 9
When one grenade just won't cut it. This thing is basically Armageddon in the palm of your hand.
Explorador Grenade ifg.png
Generador de campo inhibidor
Effect Radius 3,4
Duración de 20s
Grenades máx. 6
Slowdown Strength +75 %
Weakening Strength +30 %

The IFG - or Inhibitor-Field Generator- is one of the latest inventions of the good people down in R&D. Toss one of these bad boys into a cluster of bugs, and watch them slow right down.

Grenade freeze.png
Granada criogénica
Efecto Radius 6
Cantidad máxima 4

Instantly lowers the ambient temperature of everything in a medium-sized area. Will flash-freeze most Hoxxes wildlife - as well as any helpless DRG employees caught in the blast zone.

Grenade pheromone.png
Frasco de feromonas
Daño Radius 6
Cantidad máxima 4
Any creature covered by the substance within becomes an irresistible target to any kind of Hoxxes wildlife. Handle with extreme care. The boys in R&D are very proud of this one.
  1. [1]Prior to Update 24, each class had a basic grenade, excluding the Scout who had the IFG.