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"Warthog" Auto 210
GearGraphic CombatShotgun.png
Detalles del equipo
Tipo Shotgun
Usada por: Engineer
Ranura Primaria
Disponibilidad Por defecto
Haciendo honor a su nombre, la potencia con la que golpea este arma nunca defrauda. Emplea cuatro proyectiles de gran dispersión con los que mata fácil y rápidamente.
~ Descripción del arma


La "Warthog" Auto 210 es el arma principal del ingeniero. Se trata de una escopeta de corte típico, con un cañón largo y un aspecto elegante. Por contra de la mayoría de las escopetas, esta funciona usando cartuchos y, por lo tanto, puede recargarse mucho más rápidamente que cambiando las balas de forma individual o en parejas.

A reliable self-defense option for dealing with anything that gets past the Engineer's turrets and powerful secondaries. Although the Warthog is a pump-action weapon, it fires so fast that it may as well be a semi-auto shotgun. Its fast firing speed and generously high amount of reserve ammo make it a great option in the hands of greenbeards and veterans alike, and it also has a decent base chance of stunning enemies (which can be improved upon further with mods). All of these factors combined make the Warthog an excellent self-defense tool, often capable of one-shotting most enemies when aiming for their weak spots.

Despite its numerous advantages the Warthog does suffer with some problems. As a shotgun it is obviously limited by range – while the damage of each pellet remains the same, most pellets will miss. Enemies, such as Mactera Spawn, can easily keep their distance while firing back upon the Engineer. Weaker foes, like Glyphid Web Spitters, can still be killed from considerable range, although taking more shots to do so. The weapon also suffers somewhat with damage – on higher difficulties it may fail to one-shot enemies even when aiming directly for their weakpoints. For this reason the Warthog should primarily be used as a self-defense weapon for protecting the Engineer himself.

Initial Stats
Daño 7
(por disparo)
Duración de Aturdimiento 3s
Tamaño de cargador 6
Ammo máx. 90
Cadencia de tiro
(por segundo)
Tiempo de recarga 2.0s
Prob. de Aturdimiento por impacto en punto débil +10%


Hay 5 niveles de mejoras y cada nivel cuenta con 3 Mods. Recuerda que solo podrás equipar un Mod por nivel y por arma.

Engineer Upgrades
Mod Efecto Description Precio
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Supercharged Feed Mechanism
+1.0 Rate of Fire We overclocked your gun. It fires faster. Don't ask, just enjoy. Also probably don't tell Management, please. Credit.png 1200 créditos

Bismor 25 Bismor

Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
Overstuffed Magazine
+2 Clip Size The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks... You can always get bigger variants. Credit.png 1200 créditos

Enor pearl 25 Enor Pearl

Tier 2
Level 4
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
+40 Max Ammo You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased! Credit.png 2000 créditos

Enor pearl 15 Enor Pearl

Icon Upgrade Shotgun Pellet.png
Loaded Shells
+2 Bullets More pellets in each shell Credit.png 2000 créditos

Enor pearl 15 Enor Pearl
Jadiz 24 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade Aim.png
x0.5 Base Spread Decreased shot spread Credit.png 2800 créditos

Umanite 35 de umanita
Magnite 50 Magnite

Tier 3
Level 8
Icon Upgrade Recoil.png
Recoil Dampener
x0.4 Recoil Quality engineering, the best lasercut parts, the tender loving care of a dedicated R&D Department, The recoil of your gun is drastically reduced. Credit.png 2800 créditos

Croppa 35 Croppa
Jadiz 50 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade Speed.png
Quickfire Ejector
-0.5 Reload Time Experience, training, and a couple of under-the-table "adjustments" means your gun can be reloaded significantly faster. Credit.png 2800 créditos

Magnite 35 Magnite
Enor pearl 50 Enor Pearl

Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
High Capacity Magazine
+3 Clip Size The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks... You can always get bigger variants. Credit.png 2000 créditos

Enor pearl 15 Enor Pearl
Bismor 24 Bismor

Tier 4
Level 12
Icon Upgrade ArmorBreaking.png
Tungsten Coated Buckshot
+400% Armor Break Bonus We're proud of this one. Armor shredding. Tear through that high-impact plating of those big buggers like butter. What could be finer? Credit.png 4800 créditos

Magnite 48 Magnite
Enor pearl 50 Enor Pearl
Jadiz 72 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Bigger Pellets
+1 Damage The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased. Credit.png 4800 créditos

Croppa 48 Croppa
Enor pearl 50 Enor Pearl
Bismor 72 Bismor

Tier 5
Level 16
Icon Upgrade Special.png
Turret Whip
+Turret Whip

(120 Explosive damage)

Shoot your turrets to make them create an overcharged shot Credit.png 5600 créditos

Croppa 64 Croppa
Enor pearl 70 Enor Pearl
Jadiz 140 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Miner Adjustments
+0.5 Rate of Fire
+Automatic Fire
Fully automatic with an increased rate of fire Credit.png 5600 créditos

Magnite 64 Magnite
Bismor 70 Bismor
Croppa 140 Croppa

Mods exclusivos[]

Turret Whip[]

Icon Upgrade Special.png

Turret Whip is an upgrade for the Warthog that allows the Engineer to manually fire a powerful shot from a Sentry. If a single pellet from a shotgun with this upgrade hits a Sentry, it will cause the Sentry to consume 10 ammo from its reserves to fire a fast-moving projectile in the direction it is currently facing. If the Sentry does not have 10 ammo, it will not fire. The Sentry does not need to be targeting an enemy for this projectile to fire, and can be shot from the barrel while the Sentry is in its idle sweep. The projectile deals 120 damage and has a 1m blast radius. It can deal friendly fire to allies and to the Engineer that fired it. Turret Whip can be triggered by any Engineer in the party.

Miner Adjustments[]

Icon Upgrade FireRate.png

Miner adjustments is an upgrade for the Warthog that transforms it into an automatic shotgun (from a semi-auto). It visibly increases the fire rate by 0.5; it also allows the user to continuously fire by simply holding down the fire button instead of needing to tap it.


"Warthog" Auto 210
Type Overclock Effect Description Price
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
Compact Shells
+1 Magazine Size
+0.4 Rate of Fire
Using these shells expands magazine capacity slightly and the weapon can fire them faster! Credit.png 7350 Credits

Jadiz 135 Jadiz
Magnite 60 Magnite
Bismor 100 Bismor

Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Light-Weight Magazines
+20 Max Ammo
-0.2 Reload Time
It's amazing how much material can be removed without affecting anything and lighter magazines means more magazines and faster reloading. Credit.png 7250 Credits

Croppa 125 Croppa
Umanite 60 Umanite
Magnite 105 Magnite

Icon Upgrade Aim.png
Magnetic Pellet Alignment
x0.5 Base Spread
-2 Magazine Size
-0.4 Rate of Fire
Electromagnets in the chamber help reduce shot spread at the cost of a reduced rate of fire and magazine capacity. Credit.png 7900 Credits

Enor pearl 120 Enor Pearl
Umanite 75 Umanite
Jadiz 105 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Cycle Overload
+1 Damage
+2 Rate of Fire
+0.5 Reload Time
x2 Base Spread
Heavy modification to the chamber greatly increases the maximum rate of fire but reduces the weapon's accuracy and reload speed as a consequence. Credit.png 8050 Credits

Bismor 125 Bismor
Umanite 80 Umanite
Croppa 100 Croppa

Icon Overclock SmallBullets.png
Mini Shells
+90 Max Ammo
+6 Magazine Size
x0.5 Recoil
-2 Damage
Smaller shells designed around a new charge type reduce recoil and increase overall ammo and magazine capacity at the cost of raw damage. Credit.png 7700 Credits

Croppa 125 Croppa
Enor pearl 65 Enor Pearl
Magnite 90 Magnite


Full gallery of skins can be seen at Weapon Skins.


Información adicional[]